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    didn't realize this thread got the chop.

    Don't restart too much these days, but there were a few of us who still like the radio...

    Howard Stern ‘Hurt’ By Comments Made By Artie Lange & ‘Stuttering’ John Melendez –– Rages At Comparison To Don Imus

    Kinda sad. And I still wonder why Gilbert Gottfried is persona non grata on the show. So bad, that Gilbert did a podcast with Howie invited to AGT, and posted pics with everyone EXCEPT Howard. A Stern show minus Gilbert, Billy West, Artie, Jackie TJM, and Stuttering fun. If I have to suffer through another PitBull interview...

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    In a weird way I kind of agree with them. But I still enjoy it. When he's only on twice or three times a week there's less time to get annoyed with the show.

    I do really miss gilbert gottfried.

    The tributes to Eric this week have brought me joy.

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    Strange situation...and he seemed genuinely remorseful, still...



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