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    Default Burger King Halloween Whopper

    It's based on a Whopper in Japan made with black squid ink & black cheese. But the one here is made with A-1 Sauce on the burger & cooked in the bun. To me it looks like the most unappetizing thing in the world. But the best part is that it has a side affect. It turns your poo green.

    Has anybody tried this? (Oh and I chose this link because it doesn't have actual pictures of people's feces.)

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    I mean it's visually captivating. It looks "cool". Seems like something that would be good as a gimmick at a party or event.

    But to actually eat? And on the mass consumption level? How is this a thing?

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    If you believe Bk's advertising the only ingredient turning the bun black is the A-1 sauce. I wasn't aware if you mix a reddish brown with light brown you get black.

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    Try eating cookie cake with frosting on it. That also turns your poop green

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    I used to go and eat the Hersey's Sundae Pies, from Burger King, those were pretty good.



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