Thought of this while writing my latest Hips Thoughts...some ideas that could make some extra money and may be popular.

Develop a Facebook app that will let you mass share a Facebook posting to multiple groups. Does not look like that functionality is currently on FB but would be a handy and popular tool for those in multiple groups. So I write a post, pull a drop down the lets me select multiple groups to share the post on-hit send and its done.

One other idea- photo party share app. An Event app that is a photo and video sharing app but works on the idea that a user can invite others via security code to log in for a certain event, and all logged in users photos and videos are then sent to a central shared hub for all to see and use as they wish. For example, your kid is having a Birthday or there is a family party, all the relatives log into the app and enter the code- during the event all photos and videos taken during said event are shared and posted in order via time stamp. Benefit is, after an event you can download pics and videos that other people have taken from said event.