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Thread: what they're saying: pittsburgh edition

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    Default what they're saying: pittsburgh edition

    it has been a long time since i've read anything on a pens message board and wow have things changed. i kind of miss the overly confident fans. that was more fun to read.


    (it's worth taking a look at the source's GDT images. they're fun)

    -These next two games will be physical nightmares for the non-violent pens. The kings and sutter know no other way to play and the Ducks just put a physical beating on the Nucks. Just hope Maata and BB survive. With scuds, duper and kunitz, it doesn't matter.

    -I just hope the game is as good as SJ. I really loved how Geno, the 4th line, the 3rd line, and Fleury played. They were tremendous. That was one of the best played games by the Pens. People say we don't blow teams out, but that was as close to a blow out as it gets against a damn good team.

    -It's sad that the GDT guys put more effort into their GDT than Mike does in his line-up choices.
    -Plot twist. Mike is a GDT guy, and that's why he has no time for line-up choices.

    -Fantastic GDT. If Fleury and Malkin play like they did against the Sharks it will be interesting. If one or the other doesn't play well this could be ugly.

    -los angeles is a wonderful place to live.

    -Still on the fence about going to the game...of course the one weekend the Pens are in Southern California comes on the heels of an unexpected $600 expense.
    It's been 2 years since I've been to a hockey game...damn.
    -Check out the new AHL action in your area.
    -It'd be easier to go to a Ducks game
    -Just fly from LAX to Ontario, dude. It'd probably still be cheaper than NHL tickets!

    -Also I can't believe Maatta is back in the line-up. That's either the result of a serious medical oversight or a complete miracle.

    -Hate the fact Maatta is back for this game. Kings are physical as ****. Bad game for a return imo. Contact practice with the softest team in the league is another world.
    -Me too. Plus it is a back-to-back with another very physical team in the Ducks.
    -I care more about putting Maatta with Scuderi than him returning now. That **** is setting him up to take a lot of abuse while the anchor slides around like an ancient seal. Hopefully they won't do that but we all know that they will.

    -Darn, can't watch this one. Darn. /s
    Mark me down for not liking the back-to-back games vs. the Kings and Ducks as the time to throw Maatta back into the fire.

    -I just want a full out fan mutiny if this keeps up... I want a 100% walkout on a game in protest of front office/ bench stupidity... it should have been done the game after the Despres trade, but the majority of "fans" at CEC don't actually know hockey so they probably cheered that trade....

    -"Yay, lovejoy is back!" you know how those pens fans LOVE old penguins, like the ones wanting talbot back who is dog ****

    -Why they singin' God Bless America tho? Seems weird.
    -TWO pregame patriotic songs? Oh man, this is too much.
    -I'm not trying to be disrespectful at all, but I wish we could just not have a mini-concert before every game. Let's just play hockey.

    -Wonder how much better the PP looks without Letang.

    first period:

    -What an infuriating, frustrating team to be dedicated to.

    -What was the point in taking Sprong on this trip if he isn't going to play?
    -So Cal is awesome.

    -"Pass to Dupuis... jumped off his stick" might be the most used phrase in the history of Penguins broadcasts.
    -'Just out of his reach' would be a close second?
    -"Fanned on the shot?"

    -That right there is why Crosby has no confidence. Dupuis gets a feed in the slot, mis handles it and passes in Cole's skates.

    -Sid must cry at night nowadays. Being stuck with two corpses must anger him quite a bit.

    -Is Dupuus trying to hit people in the skates with his passes?

    -Organist rockin some Gerudo Valley? Respect.
    -I was about to post the same thing. Awesome organist is awesome!
    -The Kings organist always plays cool stuff. Which isn't surprising I guess...LA is full of talent.

    -This is going to be a long afternoon.

    -I expect Sid is going to start getting pissed and start floating in about one or two more shifts max after Dupuis and Kunitz miss him with easy passes for the fifth time in a row
    -If this was going to piss him off, then it would've pissed him off a long time ago.
    -This season he seems more susceptible to that frustration than ever.

    -Why didnt scuds just make the 4ft pass to malkin there?
    -Because Scuds is incapable of making a 4 foot pass?

    -What a boring product the NHL has become.*
    Good Lord.
    -This isn't a NHL problem as much as a Penguins problem.

    -zzzzzz. So boring.

    -Kunitz literally just handing the other team the puck now.*

    -Kings must commit 75+ hooking infractions a game
    -A Sutter coached team. Hooking is their mo, like interference with a Babcock coached team.

    -First shot, a dump in. Yay.

    -How are there some people who've watched 9 and 14 play all year yet they think the constant presence of one of the two (or both) on Sid's line hasn't been a big cause of Sid's troubles

    -Kopitar line is killing War-Scuds...

    -Funny to think that Gaborik is tougher than at least half of the Pens' forwards.
    -And more skilled. But even he sucks.

    -This has been such an enchanting obstruction fest. Good direction for the league, Gary.
    -Yeah they've sure swallowed the whistles so far. Ugly ugly hockey game.

    -Pens always get in trouble when other teams work the puck down low against them.
    They just don't have enough good D to stop anyone down low.


    -This is what the NHL wants?
    Nah, no thanks.
    -Just be happy you finally get to watch a game that starts before your bedtime.*

    -Crosby looks beat during his shifts, goes off so quickly.
    -Would you want to play an extended shift with Kunitz and Dupuis?

    -On pace for 2 more shots tonight folks, better make them count

    -A PP with no Letang.
    I'm a little excited about this.

    -The refs are really incentivizing that obstruction move Bennett pulled in front of the net there. That ended up being our only decent shot the entire game.
    Why NHL? Why do you want this?

    -Looked frustrated after the shot. Unreal. This game is about to put me to sleep and it's 5 in the afternoon.

    -You can whack the other team in the hands all game long and grab them as much as you like, just don't put your stick near their skates. What sport is this?

    -I am seriously thinking of taking a nap instead of watching this game. God it is boring.

    -Crosby is a big bag of suck out there. I wouldn't even have him out there on the PP with those uninspired passes

    -Stop passing and shoot.

    -Jesus Christ, Sid. Get your ****ing head out of your ass.
    These one-touch, lazy passes are *
    ***ing infuriating.
    -At least he's changing things up on occasion with the drop-pass to the wrong team.

    -Looked frustrated after the shot. Unreal. This game is about to put me to sleep and it's 5 in the afternoon.

    -Crosby looks more lethargic than usual.
    -The word is 'comatose'

    -Yeah, I'm not watching after this period. I tried.

    scuderi takes his first penalty of the night:

    -What the hell was the point of holding there Scuds?

    -LOL Scuderi

    Scuderi literally just fell down there.

    -You ****ing useless sack of ****, Scuderi. Stop existing.


    -That's the spirit, old boy. Get yourself off the ice.

    -This is hard to watch. I feel sorry for the people who paid to go.

    -You just know if they score here it'll get chalked up to Scuderi not being out there.
    -Curiously, the Pens PK is surviving without Scuderi. How is beyond me.


    -Sid deserves every bit of derision he's getting this year...the effort is non-existent.

    -Get out there and pound their D, guys.

    -I wish i was a fly on the wall during intermissions to see and hear what MJ does to get the players pumped up. Sit in a rocking chair and go to sleep?

    -Whats more boring? The intermission report or the game?
    -I am watching LA feed. So much better. The thing that makes the game hard to watch is KCD. Just really sucks that this is literally our 4th line. Every other one is fun to watch.

    -So... 3 shots?

    second period, starting with scuderi's second penalty of the game:

    -Scuderi is special

    -more penalties for scuderi
    the funniest part of the kunitz-dupuis cluster**** was that they both lost all momentum crossing the blue line. slowed to a crawl and carefully failed to make a pass

    - That shift by Sid's line.
    Holy ****, it's like watching a Three Stooges skit.

    -If scuds takes a penalty, does anything really change?

    -Somebody please turn that last sequence into a .gif.

    -Hell of a job, Scuds.
    Anyone who doesn't think Scuderi is the worst player in the league, let alone defenseman, if ****ing nuts. The guy would be hard-pressed to find a spot on an ECHL team.

    -"Normally Scuderi is so good at using the glass to clear the puck."

    -I love how Scuderi, Kunitz, and Dupuis continue to weigh down this team like a 10,000lb anchor.
    Pens management is clueless and out of touch with reality. None of these guys belong in the NHL anymore - Dupuis - maybe as a 4th line PK specialist

    doughty's power play goal:

    -Wait...if you shoot the can score?
    What is this sorcery?

    -This shizzle is depressing.

    -just remembered when Madden was screaming how much Tanger is better than Doughty

    -I ****ing hate Scuderi...

    -Arggggghhhh, dammit.

    -How did they mess that up?

    -Well, LA have won.
    Another pointless night for Sid coming up too. Same old, same old.

    -Great shot by Doughty. Nice job Sucderi.

    -Unreal, Fleury.

    -no desire to play D by kunitz, so he boards a guy and slashes him
    somehow no penalty

    -Outshot 16 - 3.

    -This team does not deserve MAF

    -Kunitz hacking desperately at Tiffoli because he biffed his ****ing assignment. Bailed out by Fleury.*
    What a perfect metaphor for this team. Completely **** everything up for a decade, stay treading water because of Sid/Geno/Fleury.

    -Jesus Fleury. That was filthy!

    -Crosby is playing so lifeless and unmotivated it is sickening.

    -Shots are 19-4? lol


    -it's criminal how many posts plots has hit so far. get him a goal

    -Plotnikov is good. Move him up already.
    -Hes not 35yrs old, sooo no

    -**** almost plots
    this is literally a 2 man team

    -Only line with any life is the 4th.

    -This is garbage and I'm done watching it. The Pens are really testing my patience as a fan.

    -So, without Fleury where would we be?
    What would our record be?

    -I really cannot fathom how MJ keeps sending out K-C-D and expecting a different result. These guys aren't getting any younger, Mike.

    -Kessel killing it on this shift.

    -wow what a save

    -We can't finish for toffee.

    -sids line is f'in terrible.

    -Crosby's line changed. Kunitz is still there.
    You can't make this **** up.

    -Bennett on sids wing, which doesn't matter, because kunitz is still there, i think MJ does that to go " see i try other players on sids wing and nothing works" but never changes both wings at the same time.....

    ehrhoff's first as a king:

    -Well, that's the game.

    -Scuderi playing PS4 defense as usual.

    -Nice gap Scuderi

    -I think I will go to Costco instead of watching this ****...

    -and i'm done
    scuds with another amazing screen

    -scuderi with the perfect screen
    ehrhoff just abused him

    -I can't wait for this line to fail and for Bennett to be blamed for it instead of Kunitz.

    -of course
    bortuzzo scored his first as a blues against the pens
    martin scored his first as a shark against the pens
    now ehrhoff scored his first as a king against the pens

    -Good thing Sprong is scratched. Who needs youth and goal scoring?

    -Just popping in to say, wow scuderi is having a rough game.

    -Crosby doesn't deserve players who care

    -horrible game by the Pens.
    I hope we get to see MVP Malkin this game so we can atleast steal a point

    then lucic scores:

    -rack em up LA

    This ****ing team.

    -Pull MAF.
    Keep him fresh for tomorrow night.

    -Fire the entire coaching staff between periods. Just stop 'em at the door to the lockerroom, squirt 'em with a bottle of mustard and send 'em on their way.

    -whats up with our d-man backing up and screening the goalie

    -Were done!

    -pull fleury
    he doesn't deserve this garbage
    what a **** show

    kunitz scores, much to the dismay of these fans:

    -Of course, Kunitz scores.*
    **** this team.

    -Sid.......did something?

    -I hate life. So ****ing much.

    -Yuck Kunitz.

    -and things are getting worse. Kunitz scoring...

    -Good news, Bennett's with Sid. Bad news, Kunitz is the LW. Worse news, Kunitz scored, so he's cemented in the top-6 for the rest of the year.

    -Okay Kunitz scored. Is it bad that I'm happy but also sad because we are going to have him stuck with Crosby?

    -Kunitz scores, to stay on Sid's wing for 4 more.years.

    -for all the suck on kunitz .... he scores ... in a game we won't win.

    -Come on Quick... you gotta save that.

    then muzzin gets one:

    -Fleury is a sieve right now

    -How can you blame Fleury?

    -Floodgates are opening!

    -Get Fleury out of there, he doesn't deserve to be punished like this.

    -This is a trainwreck.

    -okay .... pull maf they are in his head.

    What a beautiful game. Remember when Sid would beat 3 guys single-handedly in the corner like Kopitar did?

    -How many times is Steigerwald going to talk about Muzzin not being signed by he Pens? Christ it's getting old.

    -Three bodies were on Kopitar. What the **** was Lovejoy doing there?

    -This is so bad it's making me miss Orpik.

    -What in the mother **** was that centering pass, Sid?*
    Good lord in Heaven. He's such a sack of **** right now.

    -who was crosby passing to ... really?

    -I love watching Sid yell at players who miss his **** passes too. Shut the **** up Sid and play better. I really wish someone would get in his face. They'd get traded for it but Sid needs a wake up call.
    -You have no idea what Sid was talking about.

    Hahahahahahaha, Lovejoy just tried to muscle up on some dude and got dropped. Holy ****, that was gold.

    -I just got in and turned the game on.
    Now I will turn it off.

    -Doughty is a hell of a player man.. guy is just making plays out there. His hockey IQ is so far beyond Letangs
    -At 7, his hockey IQ was so far beyond Letang's.

    -28 shots to 9 ... oh my god

    -Damn, Geno's line's had great chances, but hasn't been able to capitalize.*
    Kessel*just*missed twice now.

    -I mean, Phil could have had 2 goals. I don't know what to think about this game. It could be easily tied.

    -Kessel drunk?

    -This steaming pile of **** is actually entertaining.

    maatta scores:
    -Atta boy Olli

    -Beauty of a screen by Beau.

    -Sick goal


    -Welcome back, Olli.
    Something to be positive about, at least.

    -This game as a whole is trainwreck lol.

    -I'm generally used to the Kings having 15 shots well into the 3rd, the shot totals in this game are even more alarming than they should appear.

    -I see Kunitz has 2 points today. I also see the Kings have badly outshot the Pens.
    Essentially, not only are the Pens playing bad today (again), but Kunitz is producing.
    Nightmare scenario?
    Scuderi is having his lunch handed to him.
    All is not lost.

    -Game actually got fun at 3-0 when MJ had to unshackle the D.

    -Jay is calling Lucic "Lu-chick".

    -The sad part is that it feels like they have far less shots than 11.

    -How has Quick allowed 2 goals against us? That guy should be ashamed.
    -He's been having an off year by his standards. Today confirms it.
    -Hes reaaly not that good of a goalie in the first place. Hes been mediocre or below for 3 years. In the regular season.

    -La will win cup this year. They have amazing team and best coach in the league
    -Best coach in the league? Amazing team? No and no.

    -Geno looks kind of off too. Or up and down if you prefer. Just not feeling it at all.

    third period: starting with crosby's goal:



    -Maybe kunitz is good?

    -There's the Sid we know and love

    -Vintage Crosby

    -Interesting. Article a few days ago talking about how matchups were shifting to Geno's line and how it would open things up for other lines. If memory serves, Sid was quoted in one of them. LA has gone Kopitar and Doughty on Malkin, and the other lines are capitalizing on that.

    -Kunitz actually earning it today.
    -And it will be worth a get out of jail free for the next 12 months card.
    -False. They started writing his 3 year extension after the first goal.

    -What a crazy game for Kunitz. One moment plays like **** next moment has an assist.

    -Kunitz has a three point night. We won't hear the end of it.

    -Kunitz will now claim a spot on the All-Star team. #Olympian

    -C'mon G.
    Need one bud.

    -PP time.

    -Wow Quick*

    -Sid's stick broke on a pass?

    -What the **** was that Sid?

    -PK time again.


    -Oh great, a 5 on 3 for the Kings.
    -I see what you did there.
    I'm goin' 5 on 2 with Scuds/Dupuis.
    -Nah, that's a 5 on 2 and a half.

    -We have 14 shots?

    -Think so.
    LA is playing really well except for Quick.

    -A+ for effort Sid. That's all I want out of him.

    -Sid looking good on the pk

    -Our stars both look great whenever they're on the PK. Nobody has ever predicted that. NOBODY EVER.

    -See, Sid on the PK works.
    -He ought to since he's been playing a man down at es all year.

    -Now Sutter has moved Kopitar and Doughty to Sid.

    -Gaborik penalty shot.

    -Jesus christ, don't hook him. Flower is pretty decent in those situations....

    -Fleury is god....

    -I can't remember the last time I've seen a goalie give up 4 in a game and play was well as he has. It's an anomoly in today's NHL.

    -Fleury is the only player who has put his all in every game.

    -Fleury's doing his best "Save this team and MJ at the same time" act again.
    He's been rock-solid since giving up those last two Kings goals.

    -LA will get another one.

    -Malkin has had a very bad day.

    -well it only took 25 games before MJ tried some new lines

    -The 6 on 5 is even worse than the 5 on 4.

    -Lucic outskated those two. Really.

    -Kessel just got burned by Milan Lucic.
    Huh... Color me surprised.

    -Ugh Phil has no endurance.

    -Well, that was painful to watch.

    -the agony continues....


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    Thanks bro!

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    If Pitts is sick of Scuds....we'll take him.
    I love Scuds!

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    -Why they singin' God Bless America tho? Seems weird.
    -TWO pregame patriotic songs? Oh man, this is too much.
    -I'm not trying to be disrespectful at all, but I wish we could just not have a mini-concert before every game. Let's just play hockey.
    Agreed, there was no need for GBA yesterday. The moment of silence was enough. Thought the Kings were going to sing "America the Beautiful" for the trifecta.

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    Image my surprise, a REAL GDT!!!!!

    Thanks so much RCC!!! I absolutely love the GDTs!

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    These guys are WAY down on Scuderi aren't they? As a stay-at-home d-man, he was reliable, but honestly the biggest highlight for me in his Kings career was getting boarded by Steve Bernier in the 2012 Finals

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    these are my fav threads on LGK. Thanks "dude"

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    First, ya gotta love the Dieter respect. He is indeed the best organist in the NHL and it's nice that other fans notice that.

    And they were right about Scuds yesterday. He had a terrible game.

    But it is a bit surprising how negative they about about their team. They looked pretty decent to me. They got down by 3 goals and they came back and didn't quit.

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    maybe if they had won that second Crosby Cup they wouldn't be quite so bitter.

    Wow! Tough crowd!

    p.s. and thanks rcc!!

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    Great read as always RCC!



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