Probably time I put my hand up as well since I've been lurking for a while. Brisbane, Australia here, wife and I had been meaning to follow the NHL for years before finally getting hooked during an LA - Vegas trip during the playoffs in 2013. I did a bit of research and ended up following the Kings because we have friends in LA (well, the OC, but damned if I'm following the Ducks) and because I liked what I read about Sutter and Lombardi and how they run the club.

Played a fair bit of NHL '13 on the PS3 which was helpful getting to grips with the terms and some of the plays, although having seen the game live courtesy of the 'international' series they run here late in the offseason it was immediate apparent how much of the action you miss on TV, particularly with shift changes. If any of you have watched Australian Rules football on the TV, it suffers from a similar issue in that the coverage misses a lot of what goes on, particularly in how plays develop.

Wife follows the Sharks so of course copped 6 months of choking jokes after the reverse sweep in 2013/14, and I gotta say I don't think I've ever had such a wild ride as a club supporter as that playoff series with the extraordinary pay off at the end. Glad to have a decent season this year after the drawn out end to last year and missing out, and looking forward to the playoffs. It's a house divided, with the loser taunted and booed until my voice is sore!