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Thread: what they're saying: ducks edition

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    Cool what they're saying: ducks edition

    if that game didn't make you super excited for playoff hockey, then there's something really wrong with you. that. was. awesome.



    Its too bad Perron is not playing as he loves to stir it up with poor little Johnny Quick. Someone needs to get in little Quickies face because he will usually get all amped up and care more about cheap shotting people and whinning than playing good in goal.

    -Hopefully Perry has his cross checking reflexes set to maximum.

    -Go get that division title you little duckies

    -Go D. Hopefully we win in order to (essentially) secure the division. I'm not thrilled about playing NSH in the 1st round, but that home ice vs the Kings or SJ in the 2nd is too good to pass up.

    -We need to win in regulation then get one more point in the last 2 games. Kings have one game left against the Jets after this one. If the Kings win out we need 5 points out of 6.
    -Which we can only get if we lose in OT/SO tonight. This game essentially decides the division.
    -That's assuming that LA doesn't throw the game against WPG.
    -We can only get 5 of 6 points if we get 1 point tonight.

    -This is regular seasons game7
    -SHHH don't say that word. Games 1-6 are just fine.
    -Don't say those words around here.

    -(did you really? what does this even mean?): Kings... forgot they existed. Meh

    -Anaheim Ducks ‏@AnaheimDucks 5m5 minutes ago
    NEWS: Sami Vatanen (illness) will not play tonight.

    -So no Rakell, vatanen, Perron, Pirri.
    Sounds good.

    -Heyward just said Doughty is going to win the Norris and it's not even close.....
    Okay bud there's a guy that just made history.

    first period:

    -I dunno, I don't fear the Kings very much even with all these injuries..

    -Give Stewart a penalty there because why the **** not, right?

    -Don't waste your time on Clifford. The kings have real players to worry about.

    -No injuries please.
    Also, still doing Cartman? Exponentially lame.

    -Holzer wins almost every single battle on the boards in the defensive zone

    -And trips don't get any more obvious than that. The game managers should just go sit in the press box until the last five minutes of the game, when they can make the obligatory ridiculously soft call.

    -Kings fans must think Gibson is a wizard for being able to handle the puck like that.

    -God doughy must be a slow skater if that constitutes icing...
    -I consider that a talent. Good defensemen know how to milk an icing call.
    -It was sooooo blatant though. You could actually see him downshift into a way lower gear. Any other linesmen would've waived it off.

    -BB's face looks redder than usual tonight.

    -Someone is going to get injured on both teams if the game managers don't remember there are actual rules to the game. They're letting way too much go.

    -I've seen a few dangerous cross checks near the boards go uncalled. That's not the kind of stuff you like to see let go.

    -(erik karlsson, is that you?): Fox is SUCH a bag of D.
    -Jimmy " the biased dwarf " fox is an incredible teacher of the game. Of course most of what he teaches is completely wrong, with a certain slant to it. But he's really good. Just ask him...

    -Stop hugging him Quick

    -Always entertaining to see Kings players nudge players into their goalie.

    -What the ****?
    Perry was pulled into the crease, and held there by Quick. How did he interfere?

    -i actually think that is a great call by the refs...both should have gotten a penalty

    -The push lewis gave Manson 4ft from the boards.
    Twice now the kings go after one of our players with 3 of theirs. Someone needs to bum rush doughy, or zombitar like that.
    -That's what I was talking about. Also Despres attempting to spear Lucic in the nuts after Lucic was allowed to crosscheck him to the ice.

    -3 guys ganging up on getzlaf, good job refs

    -Would you send someone to the ****ing box already

    -I'm sorry Darryl, I'm so sorry we had to call a penalty on your team. I promise we won't do it again.

    -(there are many, many younger & cheaper versions of dustin brown. trust and believe): wagner is a better version of dustin brown and at 1/16 the cost and much younger.

    -if there was ever a time for garbutt to go full garbutt....
    -You never go full Garbutt.

    -I love that the Kings Masterton nominee is basically a guy who's slightly less terrible than he used to be. Like, that's what class looks like to that organization.

    -I guess the officials finally figured it out

    -I swear Gibson gets bumped and when he gets up its like he is suddenly 90 years old

    -Well, if you have to take a penalty, really take the penalty I guess.

    -wow stewart ruined that entire PP why is he even on it

    -the amount of hate Perry gets from other teams fans is nuts. The amount of people that say they want Perry to actually get hurt is just insane. They all act as if Perry killed and eat their puppies in front of them.
    -well it is his pregame meal

    kesler scores:


    -Kesler with a laser onetimer!

    -**** you, Kings. That's my goal celebration.

    -Lol Muzzin got so used.... And lol @ quick, I was screaming at silf, WHAT ARE YOU DOI....oh, kesler

    -nice, suck it kings

    -(umm, idk, ask the canucks how that worked out?): Kes is so clutch against the Kings. Imagine what would have happened if we had him in the Kings series.

    -3 Ducks try to stick check the puck off a king's stick, only to fail. Why not just run him the **** over?

    -("that team" being the ducks?): Watching that team interfere with impunity is so infuriating.

    -Lucic is such a big man after the horn

    second period, starting with the lucic goal:

    -What a ****** bounce

    -Crappy bounce

    -Getzy you complete goof.

    -Seriously Getzlaf? Fighting Luke ****ing Schenn? ****ing moron

    -Stupid Getzlaf!!!!! It's freaking Luke Schenn!!!!

    -Another goal resulting from a needless Fowler icing.

    -****** bounce but that was on Kesler right?

    -Bring on the "no team toughness" posters. They'll have a point tonight, mainly because the officials took the night off.

    then versteeg scores:



    -Ducks better start picking up the physical playcsuse the Kings are taking some runs.
    BB needs to call a TO cause Ducks are getting destroyed right now.

    -What a second period

    -this team is not ready for the playoffs
    -Perron, Pirri, Rakell, Vatanen, Bieksa, Andersen, Stewart's jaw....
    You're correct

    -We really need to get healthy and fast.
    -We're as healthy as we're going to be, basically. Perron will return if we last long enough, but he won't be what he was. Rackell, obviously. This is the team.

    -The fans think the Hiller chant is what exactly? You just sound stupid.

    -Oh well, the ducks are banged up and I'd rather play SJ anyway. Get out of there with no more injuries plz

    -How many goals is that in the last 2 weeks where Fowler is just standing in or around the crease doing nothing?

    -Two fluke goals, guys. Relax.

    -look at the lack of offensive ability in our lineup right wonder we're not scoring....

    call on versteeg:

    -Was that a penalty?

    -Not sure about that one. I'll take it, though.

    -a pp too bad getzlaf took himself off the ice with that dumb fight..

    -Fowler getting out muscled and put skated by ****ing toffoli
    The whole team needs some smelling salts.

    -Horcoff trash penalties inc.

    -Wtf.... Ref doesn't make the call until the Kings player asks him too.

    -Ducks playing way to tame. Need to man up.

    -Guess BB doesn't plan on winning this game

    -That's actually the worst call this year against us.

    -Wow, that wasn't even a hold.

    -LOL for real on that penalty?

    -The way this is going so far screams Kings blow out

    -Oh hey Captain Toddler is out of his playpen.
    -Nah, toddlers have hair.
    Captain preemie.

    -Yup. That's an elbow.

    -The score doesnt bother me. Its more watching this team resemble their game 7 selves. Its terrifying.
    -I was thinking the same thing. Kings have picked up the pressure in an important game and the Ducks have no answer.

    -hayward is openly trashing the kings for the first time since like the last game of the 14 season

    -This team is losing composure and playing moronic hockey. Must be playoff time.

    -Yet the elbows last period were okay...

    -Save that for somebody good Wagner.

    -This team doesn't want it. They don't even ****ing want it.
    -no they are just way outtalented tonight

    -that's a bad penalty to take by Wags. No reason to bring your elbow up like that. potential suspension possible.

    -10 shots in 33 minutes

    -"Ducks suck "??? How cute. They are one classy organization.

    -Lousy period. Worst we've had in a while, and we've had some terrible ones lately.

    -Hope Getzlaf can give a nice speech about getting pucks on net. But then again who listens to someone who loses his cool against Luke Schenn.

    -Absolute **** period.

    -My flashbacks are back. Is this game 7 again?
    -Are we down by a million yet? No? Then, no, it isn't. Let's not disrespect those who lived through the horrible clownshow tragedies of our Game 7s by placing this mild butt-whooping on equal footing.

    -The Sharks announcer just said Dobie is in goal for us tonight and having a great game.
    -Also Scott Niedermayer has a hat trick!

    third period:

    -NHL's #1 Powerplay, ladies and gentlemen


    -Jesus Christ, we are so ****ed

    -Manson took out Silf with that shot. Ugh

    -jesus, now this team is hurting itself. we're not making it past the 2nd round, might not even get past the 1st.

    -This team: so dumb right now. Brain cannot handle the stupid.

    -Well, the longer the playoffs continue, the healthy we should become if we can get out of the first round ...

    -Broken hand. Great.

    -Our announcers need to do a better job of keeping us informed on injured players' status during games.

    -This team is a **** show right now...

    -Hiller!!! Hiller!!!! Hiller!!!!
    -5 years ago called and wants it's chant back

    -Silf on the ice

    girl bye. the kings sit near the bottom of the league in PP opportunities:

    -The Kings are spending an awful lot of time trying to draw calls
    -I don't blame them. They've been getting them all night.

    -Dustbin brown is an embellishing turd.

    -This is pretty baaaaaaaaad

    -Are we playing the trap while losing?

    -Yeah please somebody get a gif of the two kings colliding

    -Hell, we might end up 3rd in the division.
    -Sharks lost means they can't catch up to us, it's 1st or 2nd for us.

    -Who needs the division anyway? The Kings can have it!

    -The points are wide open once we get into the Kings zone. Vatanen would be effective in a game like this

    -Doughty knocks the net off lol...

    -Doughy with the intentional knocking off of the penalty.

    -Thank goodness the Jets forgot they suck again.
    -I think you mean thank god the Sharks are in their playoff form
    -Don't look now, but we're in Sharks playoff form too.
    -Impossible. Only the Blues can match that.

    -Not enough skill in our lineup to overcome the Kings huge advantage in the physical department.
    Missing too many guys right now

    -Not too bad all things considered

    -At least the Jets can beat the Kings on Saturday.

    -No point in even playing our stars this weekend. Kings will make quick work of the Jets to put the division out of reach

    -Thought our dmen were atrocious tonight. Terrible job defending in the crease, terrible job making any sort of pass.
    I didn't expect to win tonight because of our personnel issues, but they flat didn't want it as much as LA, and that was disappointing to see. Thought Getzlaf played hard though.
    LA also played a very good game, have to give them credit. It sure looked like they wanted to make a point tonight.


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    Thanks RCC!!! GO KINGS!!

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    Thanks for the enemy line recognizance

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcc View Post
    -Hope Getzlaf can give a nice speech about getting pucks on net. But then again who listens to someone who loses his cool against Luke Schenn.
    Well, then, again, who can resist fighting Cool Hand Luke?


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    Thanks "dude!"

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    Certified platinum:

    -Oh hey Captain Toddler is out of his playpen.
    -Nah, toddlers have hair.
    Captain preemie.
    Oh, and seeing Horcoff's name mentioned reminds me: isn't a Horcoff something that gets treated with penicillin in a ghetto free clinic?
    "SUCK MY D**K!!" -Drew Doughty, October 8th, 2019 @ CGY GWG quote.

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    Pure gold! Too bad there wasn't more scoring...I coulda used more Sux tears in my Cheerios. LOL

    Thanx rcc!!

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    Dux fans delusional again...

    -the amount of hate Perry gets from other teams fans is nuts. The amount of people that say they want Perry to actually get hurt is just insane. They all act as if Perry killed and eat their puppies in front of them.

    This is someone who just doesn't pay attention.

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    this one made me LOL :

    -Kings fans must think Gibson is a wizard for being able to handle the puck like that.

    (although I don't remember a play where Gibson made a great stick handle, but whatever)

    If you're gonna stop me, you're gonna have to whack me - Jim Fox 1/5/19

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    rcc! Can't wait to read this. I hope it's full of Anaheim tears! Thank you!!!


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