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Thread: ***PLAYOFFS GAME 1 - San Jose Sharks vs. LA Kings GDT - 4/14/16 7:30pm***

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    Default ***PLAYOFFS GAME 1 - San Jose Sharks vs. LA Kings GDT - 4/14/16 7:30pm***


    San Jose Sharks -- vs. -- Los Angeles Kings

    at Center | Los Angeles, CA

    Pre-Game Fan Fest Info:

    Dates: Thursday and Saturday
Time: 4:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Microsoft Square (Directly Across from STAPLES Center)
    • Alumni signing at the Toyota booth
    • Live music
    • Budweiser Beer Garden
    • Fun games and prizes, including a raffle in which the winner has the chance to compete for (2) tickets to that night’s game. All proceeds benefit the Kings Care Foundation.

    Live Music:
    • Thursday - Chillin Sun (cover band) will be performing from 5:15PM-6PM
    • Saturday - Pia Toscano will be performing her latest singles and signing autographs after her performance.

    Season Series:

    03/28/16 Kings 2, Sharks 5
    01/24/16 Kings 3, Sharks 2 (OT)
    12/22/15 Sharks 5, Kings 3
    10/22/15 Kings 4, Sharks 1
    10/07/15 Sharks 5, Kings 1

    GAME TIME **7:30 PM on FSW**

    TV: Fox Sports West and CNBC

    Radio: 790 KABC and streamed on iHeart Radio

    Radio feed with Jon Rosen and Daryl Evans at this link:

    Please remember, DO NOT post links to Live Game Streams in the GDT or anywhere else on LGK

    Peter DeBoer, Kopitar & Sutter April 13th Pre-Game Quotes

    Read more quotes and articles at Jon Rosen's Blog here

    Sharks Coach Peter DeBoer on the Pacific Division rivalry:
    Obviously there are a lot of teams left in the wake of the Kings who aren't leaving with good feelings over the last five or six years. It's a great test and you have to go through the best to win this trophy, and we're starting from one of the best.

    Anze Kopitar, on Joe Thornton:
    I think with me and Thornton we’re, I’d say, fairly similar type of players, more playmakers and more looking to distribute the puck. I just think going out there, playing my game, and in the process I’ll obviously try to shut him down. I also think if our line is on top of it, we’ll be playing with the puck which means they’re going to chase it and that’s obviously good for us. We see him five times a year but, for me, what I got from playing against him over the past 10 years, he always plays hard and he’s one of the leaders on their team. He’s the one guy that gets circled before the game that you’ve got to watch out for and I’m pretty sure that’s not just by our team that’s by everybody else, too. Got to pay attention to it. If he’s different this year, I don’t know if his points are up and everything. Obviously, good for him, but now we’re going to try to shut him down.
    Kopitar, on the Sharks top players:
    Obviously they all play hard, they all have a lot of skill, first and foremost. And they have good speed, too. Every time those guys are on the ice you just got to be aware of them. … It’s really not rocket science. You’ve got to go limit their time and space and play them as hard as you possibly can.

    Sutter, on how much he buys into the narrative of a “motivated” San Jose team:
    I think that every team that gets to the playoffs at this point is quite motivated. I think you go from 30 to 16, which means everybody’s goal going in is to knock that to that number. We all play each other enough now in this conference that we all know that, looking at the big picture, there’s eight teams still playing that could win the Stanley Cup. I don’t think there’s any difference in motivation or who they’re against.
    Sutter, on Vincent Lecavalier reaching his last playoff series, and how he is emotionally:
    Well, there’s a lot of assumptions in that question that it is his last playoffs. [Reporter: Well, he said he’s still on track to retire.] Did he tell you that today? [Reporter: Yeah.] OK, so he’s not in that mode yet. Hopefully he’s still pushing it out for at least two weeks. If it was just one game, then it’s a game-time decision by the coaching staff. So how would he feel? He better be feeling very motivated. [Reporter: I mean, with players that are kind of older, hitting that stretch in their career, is there-] It’s a long season. Sometimes it’s hard on ‘em, sometimes it’s too much, sometimes you can’t rise up, sometimes they’re strictly motivated by playoffs and they pick their game up in playoffs, sometimes they become first stars. In my mind, being a huge hockey fan, I can remember older players lifting the Stanley Cup that even though they might’ve beat you, you’re very proud of what they accomplished, and I’m sure a player like that would be, too. [Reporter: You hoping to talk him out of it?] No, just going back to that, you think about the only time that he played in the Stanley Cup Final and won a Stanley Cup, think about who lifted the Stanley Cup for them and where he was in his career. Who was the player? [Reporter: When Vinny won? Andreychuk.] Draw that conclusion.
    Sutter, on Alec Martinez (& goalies):
    We’ll make a decision on all our players tomorrow. We had eight defensemen out there today. They’re all available to play tomorrow, and then three of them could be hurt, or three sick. [Reporter: Who starts in goal?] I think that’s a given.

    Subject To Change

    Kings Injuries:

    Jordan Nolan (IR)
    Marian Gaborik (IR)
    Matt Greene - LTIR



    Sharks Probable Lineup
    (courtesy of

    Sharks Injuries: NONE

    Upcoming Playoffs Schedule:

    Game 1:* Thursday, 4/14 at STAPLES Center beginning at 7:30 p.m. on FSW, CNBC
    Game 2:* Saturday, 4/16 at STAPLES Center beginning at 7:30 p.m. on FSW, NBCSN
    Game 3:* Monday, 4/18 at San Jose beginning at 7:30 p.m. FSW, NBCSN
    Game 4:* Wednesday, 4/20 at San Jose beginning at 7:30 p.m. on FSW, USA
    • Game 5:* Friday, 4/22 at STAPLES Center – game time TBD
    • Game 6: Sunday, 4/24 at San Jose – game time TBD
    • Game 7:* Tuesday, 4/26 at STAPLES Center – game time TBD



    Final Poll Winners:

    I hope you have all had fun with the polls this season. Thanks to everyone who played!! There will NOT be poll questions during the playoffs. Here are the results for the last game and for the season:

    Last Game Poll Winners:

    Congratulations to all of the following posters who correctly guessed one of the Kings' goal scorers in the final, crazy game of the regular season:

    forum gold, CIrvine, & 5/29/93

    jammer06, Rusty, hihocarp, Nyssa42

    Lich King, puckoff, FortyFour, Troyvsc, ChilledAgua, Zombitar, Henry1515 , VegasHockey, makemelaugh, beady eye, Hipcheck, KingsTime, Rinkrat, sonnyboy11, kingsboy11, Liz4LA, empire, LAKingSteve

    And here are the winners who correctly* guessed that there would be 12 total goals scored in games 74 and 82: (*there were 11 goals plus the shootout goal)

    CIrvine, jccawdrey, Krussadams, T, & Troyvsc


    Kings of the Mountain:
    @VCRW & @VegasHockey with 22 wins!

    Both VCRW (games 28-31) and VegasHockey (games 64-67) had 4 game win streaks this season, too!

    21 Wins: @Hipcheck
    20 Wins: @cokingsfan

    19 wins - @ChilledAgua
    18 wins - @srm1105
    17 wins - @CIrvine, @kingsboy11, & @Mrbigfrog & T
    16 wins - @Zombitar
    15 wins - @forum gold, @KingsTime, @pray4mojo, @Shackleford, @TooCool, & @Troyvsc
    14 wins - @eddieshack23, @FishMonger, @jammer06, @JETS GARAGE, @KHenry14
    13 wins - @empire, @KingJ, @Krussadams, @LAKingSteve , @notbob,
    12 wins - @chaingunsofdoom, @Hockey53,
    11 wins - @beady eye, @CUP4LA & @Rinkrat
    10 wins - @jdkings24, @Jran, makemelaugh, Nyssa42
    9- helvetica
    8- 05/29/93, Allen07, jccawdrey, kingsfan32, LeftyKing, Liz4LA, Rusty, SouthbayDan
    7- DRGinLBC, hihocarp, Lich King, shadowalk, sonnyboy11
    6- Histiking, MBreeden, Quicker,
    5- GALLY, mugs, STONE
    4- Moog, puckoff, tqp
    3- Dr. Tran, kIngsX, Rawley19, Rogie-Vachon, Sevenhole, TMAC, wilkinson949
    2- DRice, gooner6, Hkyfmly, Ice24, kotonk, latka, TheEn4cer, waynet, WestCoastIPA
    1- Angel Eyes, BDTR, beedee, Bollocks, Cross Traffic, crozley, cybersync, Dexter, emsomaso, Germican, greg33, KingzLA, KOPI! PEVS!, Kubrick, Kurisu, Lionheart88, nocturn, PrettyVivid, rajuabju, Vindogla, xcheck, xLAxKingsx, xterrorx



    Any suggestions or PICTURES YOU WANT ME TO USE - email me at

    Photos courtesy of Rinkrat, Getty Images,, and

    And I want to give a HUGE "Thank You!" to EVERYONE who has looked at the GDT this season, and especially to those who have given me "Likes," "Thanks," and general encouragement whether in the thread or in person. In the words of a certain King of the Mountain, "It's our place to gather," and I have enjoyed creating your gathering place this season. I really do look at every Like and Thanks, and I am always surprised at how many people don't comment in the thread, but consistently show appreciation.

    GO KINGS GO!!!
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    Worst! er....first!
    "Funny thing I haven't heard Beat LA for a while here. Music to MY ears." - Bob Miller LA at SJ 10/22/2015

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    These are a huge part of what LGK is all about. THANK YOU NYSSA42 for your time and dedication! The contests were great too.

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    Thanks to all involved for a season's worth of info & fun within those GDTs. We all appreciate the time and effort expended in their creation. The inclusion of the rival teams' schedule info truly made these a one-stop shop for everything game related.

    Congrats to VCRW, VegasHockey and everyone else who participated in the Poll Question Derby; it was a fabulous new twist and a lot of fun in the bargain - it was the first thing I looked at in each GDT.

    GKG; GBG

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    Thanks Susan!

    16 wins... that's all we need. Easier said than done right? Go Kongs!

    My biggest worry is the revenge factor. Here's a Puck Daddy article on Lucic warning the Kings about it.

    In the 2010 Eastern Conference playoffs, Lucic’s Boston Bruins blew a 3-0 lead to the Philadelphia Flyers and lost in seven games. The following year the Bruins demolished the Flyers in a four-game sweep.

    “It motivated us. We had a lot to prove. There were a lot of doubters. There were a lot of people saying we were good in the season, but broke when it mattered the most. It was something that was good for us because it motivated us in the right way,” Lucic said. “The next year we got to play Philly again in the second-round and we made no mistake. We absolutely smoked them.
    The scary part about Lucic's heads up warning is that people like Kopi don't seem to listen.

    Los Angeles center Anze Kopitar says it won’t matter: “That happened two years ago That’s past us. We both had, I believe they didn’t make the playoffs last year also. Both teams had pretty bad seasons last year. What happened two years ago is not going to matter. What’s going to matter is who’s coming out to being on top of their game and winning four games.”
    It WILL matter Kopi. You best bring your A game. We definitely have to win Game 1. Put doubts in the Sharks head that they really can't beat us.

    On a side note... the Kings coasted to a 3-0 series lead during each series in 2012. Then they gave us massive heart attacks by going to Game 7 in every series in 2014. So what is 2016 going to bring? Can they sweep everyone please? ^_^ And going by the pattern.. Devils and Rangers.. it'll most certainly have to be the Islanders this year right?
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    Rink Dawg

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    Revenge for the reverse sweep? Psh! Well we Kings fans also want revenge of our own, well, at least I do. I want the Kings to avenge the Sharks beating them on my birthday this season. People might have forgotten, but Pepperidge Farm Remembers and so does Orphy!

    Go Kings!!

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    I know the Sharks want revenge on us. Don't give them the opportunity. Let's win game 1.


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    cannot believe it's here, game 1!!!

    congratz VCRW & VegasHockey, poll ninjas!!

    go kings go barf cry barf!!!!!!!

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    Let's get it on!

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    So, is it tonight yet? Let's just skip ahead to game time already.


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