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Thread: what they're saying: we didn't get swept! edition

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    Thumbs up what they're saying: we didn't get swept! edition

    well... the kings won one. yay.

    pre-game (go look at their thread, it's star wars themed and pretty funny):


    -here's a sample i took a screen shot of, because kopi as senator palpatine cracked me up:

    -5-2 Sharks

    -I'm just hoping for a Sharks win that doesn't give me a heart attack at the end.
    -It's the Kings, you know this will happen!

    -Don't you dare lose Sharks it's my birthday

    -Well, we are 2-0 vs. the Kings when I post the shark. So, here is the Shark...

    -Seems like serendipity that they should win this game, just to recreate the situation from 2 years ago...
    Then CRUSH them in game 4 and stomp on their throat this time...
    (maybe punch Brown in the face in the handshake line while they're at it too)

    -This feels like the Canuck sweep series. Not saying it'll happen but just how frustrated the Kings are and the stupid penalties and the Sharks not getting caught up in the post whistle crap.
    -Knocking on wood. Yes, it does. Yes, it does indeed.
    That's all I can say - don't want to get my hopes up..

    -(blues fan This is incredible. Rooting for you guys to come out of the pacific bracket

    -As much as I want a win of course I am little nervous based on 2 years ago, you know with going up 3-0 and all. It's as if I almost want to see a loss then, win game 4 then win game 5 in LA.
    But knowing me I will be greedy and say Sharks get the win for everyone tonight!
    Sharks 3 (Pavs, Burns and Thornton)
    LA 2 (Muzzin and Carter)
    Man I hate one goal games!

    -Unfortunately, till we win this series, all Sharks fans will be holding their collective breath because of how our last playoff series against the Kings ended.
    It sucks that we cannot enjoy a 2-0 series lead because of how things worked out in the past. I hope we go all the way this year but would be pretty relieved once we have won this series.

    -As a long-time fan I actually expect them to win this game and then lose the next 4 in a row. Because I'm pretty sure no other team in NHL history has done that on back-to-back playoff appearances. And because it would be such a Sharks thing to do.
    I hope I'm wrong, but I really do expect that to happen. Maybe I've been a fan too long?
    -Seriously haha I can't even tease any Kings fans (friends).
    -Please, please play your road game at home.
    Don't be cute for the crowd and up the intensity.
    Make the Kings skate / pass the entire ice. Expose their weaker D.

    -Gotta remember to go out and buy some coal tonight. Could literally be sitting on a diamond mine right now

    -I'm more nervous that we beat the kings, and get super excited only to lose to a beatable team like the preds. That too has happened, most notably in 2006 and arguably 2010/11 when we beat the big bad wings.

    -DeBoer has brought a blue collar attitude and its trickled down. Just pull up the boot straps and go to work. It fits well because this team is extremely low maintenance. No prima donnas or me first ****.

    -Hopes are up boys. Kings will forfeit the series after we thrash them tonight.

    -Please win.

    -Lebrun is reporting that Jumbo is a Bieber fan
    -Hertl a Chris Brown fan, so there's that.
    -When they first posted that tidbit on the jumbtron, I glanced and thought his favorite artist was Curtis Brown. I had to do a double take a couple times.

    -As I've said before, Sharks are playing the same game they've played all season and they're doing what they have to to win. Deboer hasn't changed up the core strategy like I think McLellan did at the beginning of the last playoffs and I think the chances of them collapsing is unlikely IMO.

    -Gonna be so nervous at the game. I wouldn't be surprised at winning the game 5-1, and I wouldn't be surprised to lose the game 5-1. I am cautiously optimistic and abjectly terrified in about equal measure. Hopefully the tank will be rocking...

    -(someone mentioned "trap" later on and nobody brought it back to this, tsk tsk): We should be so lucky to get ahead enough to play the trap. Then admiral vlackbar can make his signature pronouncement.

    -It's blowout night fellas!
    6-1 Sharks

    -Get. This. ****ing. Win.

    -2-0 lead and you're talking about upcoming opponents? Let's hope the players have learned more than Sharks fans
    And we're not even coming off a 7-2 asskicking in game 2. Both games have been close.

    -3-2 sharks ot!
    -oh god please no.

    -I don't care how they do it as long as they win. Go Sharks!

    -I know if it ends up in OT my heart is not ready

    -I was lucky to survive the series with the Wings a few years back where it was tied like 99% of the time. I can't do that again.

    -No ot pls my heart would be able to take it

    -No Andreoff again. Good.
    -Sutter aiming to go down 3-0 and then he'll put out his best line-up haha

    -Holy ****. Kurz just tweeted out that this is our 17th straight game in the playoffs we are facing the Kings. That's a bit crazy.

    -Just win the game.

    -(tampa fan): So... I'd like to hear from you guys on why this rivalry is so intense... is it mainly bragging rights or is it the mass amount of KIngs fans you run into out there in CA or what?
    -Intra state hate. North ca folks dont like socal, or most of the people there. Goes back to Giants - Dodgers as well.
    -17 Straight playoff games.

    -Kings are going to come out crazy intense to start the first period. Gotta weather that storm and then punch them in the mouth.

    first period, starting with jumbo's goal 30 seconds in :

    -**** yes! Jumbo!


    -Shark strikes early, this is like a JAWS movie, already, damn


    -In dey mouf!!!

    -Well, that's a good way to start things off.


    -Captain!!!! Wait

    -I was begging him to shoot there. What a start! I love these quick goals.

    I can't believe Quick missed that pass ;P

    -JUMBO **** YES
    Good start

    -3 games. 3 1st goals on 3 shots.

    -Sick pass (into the net) by Jumbo.

    -$$$ does it all

    -Big hit by the captain.

    -Also, breaking news from the CBC:
    Drew Doughty is amazing. More at 11.

    -Sharks are just so much faster

    -(blues fan): Let's go sharks. It's time to shove it to the NHL and eliminate their darling Hawks/Kings in the same post season

    -(nashville): Go go
    We need a changing of the guard in the WC/SCF

    -Sharks look dominant right now.

    -Clearly DeBoer found a match-up he really likes!

    -Sharks, Blues, and Preds are the Allied powers. We need to bring down the Axis.
    -The rebel alliance against the empire and Darth Bettman

    -No shots on goal? Ugh...

    -good PP, but no results

    -Quick is throwing his body so hard. He's going to get burned on a rebound soon enough.

    -Quick is being really aggressive coming out of the net.

    -Looked weak to me .. but whatever.

    kopi ties it:



    -Wingels arrested for treason for daring to lay his hands on the royal Doughty. He will be summarily executed during the intermission.

    -well damn


    -**** la


    -kopitor u bum

    -Quick is either going to play perfect game now on or getting burned.
    And no more penalties thank you!

    -Somebody down there needs to tie up sticks...I mean, none of those three was on anyone at all.

    -Whoa what happened guys, went to go to the bathroom and its tied?
    -You must hold your urine the remainder of the playoffs

    -Hope that's the standard for hooking this game because the Kings will be taking 10 penalties if so.

    -Quick is always trying to hold people hostage in his net.

    -What the **** is Quick doing?

    -Interfering. And being a jackass.

    -Quick tried to trip him on his way out. Classy.

    -How is that not interference?
    -because Doughty. Ref looked to call the penalty and Doughty just shook his head and decreed it would not be so.

    -Come on ref
    -On Quick? Never.

    -Refs attempting to **** us again, I think we can overcome.

    -I get being competitive but Quick is just an *******

    no one can agree whether it's a bs call or spaling sucks:

    -Ugh... Another PK.

    -that's a BS penalty

    -Come on Spaling. That's three stupid penalties in the last few periods.

    -That's a ******** call.

    -Spaling is trash.

    -Dude needs to be sat if he keeps taking these

    -LA gunna ride luck and refs all night just to make this one close

    -The fact that Scuderi is actually a thing still in 2016.
    What a joke.

    -Kopitar is lethal man.

    -(umm no, that will be the sharks): Kings will get at least 5 pp's today.

    -(i mean... tell us how you really feel!): Scuderi is an old and washed up sack of ****.
    A legless sack of **** too. He tripped because he can't ****ing skate! Another grenade handling, quicksand skating ''Clear dat crease'' defenseman that should be phased out of the league.
    But Deano refuses to move into 2016 and always needs to have one of these sloths on the roster.

    -Knocking the non-puck carrier into the zone to cause an offside is an interference penalty. If we're going to be calling borderline stuff, then call that garbage.

    -Also holy crap CBC you know it's permitted to do colour commentary on both teams right?
    We get it, Doughty is frustrated and pissed off because of what a competitor he is.

    -This just in from the CBC news department, Drew Doughty has cured cancer, reunited North and South Korea, and discovered that Santa Claus does, in fact, exist. Leading scientists expect him to be named the 2016-2025 Nobel Peace Prize winner within the hour.

    -Have a bad feeling about this game.
    -Its tied 1-1. We are fine. Cannot expect Kings to not be pushing back. We are fine if we dont take bone-headed penalties.

    -Dumbasses had the camera on Doughty for like 30 secs. Nobody gives a **** he's crying, shut up.

    so much whining here and i don't remember what plays these correspond to so...

    -that's a BS icing!

    -nice dive

    -nice crosscheck by Burns on Brown

    -Blatant trip in pavs, no call

    -Stop icing it.

    -Stop icing the puck....

    -damn it! Quick just tried to give us a goal

    -Quick is the king of luck.

    -Is brown actually getting destroyed or is he diving on every hit trying to draw a penalty. What a turd

    -Burnsie going for a lot of butt checks tonight.

    -Huge hook on a sharks player, no call... looks like theres no standard tonight

    -Ok, probably our worst period of the series right there.

    -Pretty "meh" period...

    -Maybe we'll get another pp in the 2nd. Maybe.

    -I feel like I need to publicly say this, or it will be bad luck if I don't.
    I don't like the ''Beat LA'' chant anymore. It's too 2013 and 2014 for me. I think we need a new one somehow.
    -'Beat LA' has been used for years, not just by Sharks fans, but any Bay Area team against any LA team. It's not a fad that came about in 2013 and 2014.
    -You're absolutely right. I even think I've heard it used by Anaheim fans in the 2014 series against the Kings and maybe some of their regular seasons contests there as of recent. They lifted it from the Bay Area teams. I remember hearing it while watching a 49ers game against the Rams or Raiders back in the 80's or so.
    But it reminds me of 2013 and 2014 too much, that's the only reason I don't like it right now.

    -That was a pretty even 1st period. Sutter has definitely made some adjustments that look like they are working. Hoping PDB can counter.

    -Wasn't too bad of a period. You could tell the Kings don't want to be goaded into extracurriculars. Sharks have to get back to beating them with speed. Kings have opened up the game and removed the hard board checking from the previous games.

    -Best period the Kings have played since game 1. Sharks need to come out and establish some momentum in the 2nd.

    -Well that was bad. The penalties killed our momentum big time.

    -My issue is we got away from what worked. We started getting it back there at the end. Dump it in and go get it. These cute entry plays aren't working. Make them skate

    -We're getting completely owned in the face-off circle.

    -Hertl on CBC:
    -They had their best start all season. They need to keep doing the same job and get the lead back.
    -He thinks they've dominated 5 on 5 and it's great that everyone chips in and does a good job.

    second period:

    -Great start. Come on PP!

    -good energy and execution to start this period. Now cash in on this PP

    -Make them pay. Need to start scoring on these PP's.

    -woah, almost magic by Burns

    -Burns > Doughty
    -Blasphemer. Burn in eternal hellfire for your ill speech.
    Man, this would be a lot more fun if Pierre were calling the game. He loves doughty almost as much as he loves toews.
    -Not even close

    -Two bad passes by Donskoi, jeez.

    -Donskoi pretty crummy tonite

    -so many players falling

    -Team looks absolutely horrible

    -Welp. LA's grind style has started working.

    -Sharks aren't skating.

    -LOL. Jones with a Quick like play

    -Jones, swimming expedition

    -I wanna see the big guns get caught out there with Schenn and Scuderi.
    Joner trying to poke fun at Quick's puck playing prowess!

    -I am not liking this for us if we keep playing this grind style hockey.

    -Bleh period so far.

    -Sharks are really struggling on the breakouts tonight

    -Sharks looking a lot better this period

    -Sutter realized the Kings will only win if they slop it up. Sharks need to play their own game instead.

    -No idea how the Sharks can struggle at home

    -The Sharks really need this win because I can't see them blowing another 3-0 lead. If it's 2-1 the Sharks could be in trouble because the Kings are starting to impose their style.

    -Dillon takes all that time .. and makes a ****** pass. Jesus dude.

    -Sharks have dominated possession this period, but have almost no chances to show for it. Weird game.

    -Finally got in in their zone for a shot. Now to win the elusive faceoff...

    -Most boring period of hockey I have seen in a while.

    -Decline it.

    -ok. Make this PP count!

    -Have to capitalize.

    -Score a damn PP goal

    -It has been a while since I have seen a Shark bleed, and have it called, from a high stick.

    -Kopitar is 12/13 in the faceoff circle. Ridiculous.

    -No urgency. Same old Sharks.

    -Is it me or do the Sharks look slow ?

    -Hertl has been good, I think he'll get one eventually.

    -I'm starting to get a little uneasy.
    Need to bury one soon.

    -lost the faceoff juice when they got home
    -The sharks weren't all that great in game 2 in LA.

    -Can the sharks please win a draw?
    -Seriously, it's embarrassing.

    -Sharks PP looks like they are falling victim of trying to be too fancy. Start pumping shots to the net and banging rebounds. Quick leaves them there.
    -except the kings collapse and law on the ice to cover the gaping holes left by quick's aggressiveness.
    We need to beat him like we did in '14: east-west passes

    -Anyone else notice Hertl has fallen down a few times this period and been really slow to get up

    -I'm starting to get that old feeling that there is no chance of any offense happening without the top line on and I don't like it. Other lines need to start doing something.

    -Of course we get Robo-Quick.
    I knew it would come eventually.

    -We need to get LA to start playing our style instead of us playing theirs. This does not bode well.

    -Need a kill here.
    Have to get out of this period tied.

    -Maybe the Sharks are playing ****** on purpose. They don't want to go up 3-0 in the series ..

    -Maybe bench the 4th line in the 3rd? They're kinda lost. are we not losing?
    -Seriously. I have not seen the Sharks play this bad against a good playoff team in a while.

    -Jones is playing well.

    -It's all over boyos
    LA is taking this game

    -You can't afford to have your 4th line take 3 penalties through 2 periods in the playoffs. Bench may shorten a bit in the 3rd

    -Who is the better tender. Story of this game by far.
    Although LA only looks like they are in this because of powerplays.

    -I actually liked how we played that period. Felt we controlled play for the majority of the period

    -Honestly, Sharks controlled possession that entire period. LA wasn't close to scoring 5v5. They had some chances in the last minute from another dumb penalty. Just clean it up, squeak out a garbage goal in the third.
    Sharks are playing better, but it is just an odd game.

    -The 4th line has stunk it up tonight. Game just feels like Kings kinda hockey. They gotta dig deep in the third and show some energy. They just seem a bit lackadaisical tonight

    -still in decent shape regardless. time to bear down for 3rd period gutz.

    -LA has been playing the only type of hockey that can help them win. Clog the neutral zone and try to counter once they get the puck back. They have, for most of the part, neutered our attack. The game has been the most boring game of the series so far. We are really not getting many chances. We are a really good 3rd period team but we really have to make adjustments.

    -Why are people freaking out? It's not like LA is getting a bunch of scoring chances 5 on 5. Just got to stay out of the penalty box.

    -The issue is its a trap game. Dominate dominate boom down 2-1. Seen it too many times. Jones may be the difference.

    -Now we get to see how DeBoer adjusts. Hopefully better than McLellan.

    -Sharks are a very good 3rd period team. We got this

    -CBC intermission transcript:
    Drew Doughty
    Drew Doughty
    Doughty. Drew Doughty Drew. Drew Doughty.
    Drew Drew Drew Doughty Doughty. Doughty Drew Dougthy Drew Drew. Drough Dewty.

    -In other news Pepsi foods will sign Drew Doughty as their spokesperson and rename their drink to Mountain Drew.

    -Need to get a goal and a win, before we have to see the Kings pull a typical playoff win out of their ass.

    -Here we go, time to set up big and win the third period!

    third period:

    -and lose the 3rd period opening faceoff.

    -Maybe the gameplan was to lose every face-off...

    -keep peppering Quick. Rebounds galore!

    -Gotta stop giving it away at the Kings' blue line...

    -If we play like this for the next 15+ minutes good things will come.

    -No interference on any of that garbage by LA. Nice.
    -The refs never seem to call interference on the Kings.
    -That's pretty blatant interference.

    -Unbelievable reffing tonight... the **** they called in teh first period looks absolutely dumb now

    -I hate diving, but maybe Karlsson should stay down an extra second or two for effect. I dunno.

    -(someone says this literally every thread where the kings are winning in the playoffs): The horseshoe up Quick's ass has to fall out at some point right?

    -Puck bouncing and chopping everywhere tonight.

    -Ha Jumbo messing with Doucheton Brown

    -Hahaha Joel Trollton strikes again

    -Haha Thornton trolling Brown

    -Just no flow to our breakouts and passing today. Kings have definitely adjusted their neutral zone and forecheck. Could be the crappy ice too.


    -Lucic implodes! yes!
    LET'S ****ING SCORE!

    -Alright we HAVE to convert on this damnit

    -Make Lucic ****ing pay.

    -****ing Kings... trying to injure...

    -For the love of all things teal score on this one.

    -**** Lucic! Make him pay already!
    Him and his nose!

    -Even when they get a penalty the Kings get off easy. That was a clear spear, not a slash.

    -pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    -Score and let that be a defining moment for Lucic as a King.

    -jesus, Thornton. Shoot it sometimes. They won't see it coming.

    -huge boost for the Kings there, dammit

    -That entire power play is why I'm stressed about this game.
    Almost 2 minutes whole of attack time and nothing to show for it.

    -Stress levels rising.

    -I love the massive slash by doty

    -So how about that obvious trip on Pavs, no call? ****ing garbage

    -keep playing our game. We'll strike

    -I wouldn't be surprised if the kings get some ******** PP here real soon.

    -Lucic with a crosscheck on Couture after the play.

    -Come the **** on do this!!!!!!!


    -PP delay of game!

    -OMG score here!!!

    -PP gunna cost us the game

    -This is a must score PP.

    -Straight garbage

    -If we don't score here we don't deserve to win. What are we, 0/5 now?
    -Thats rubbish. Majority of the game is played 5 on 5. We have been the better team there. We definitely deserve to win.

    -PP failing in critical times in playoffs. Some things never change.

    -can they play in LA for the rest of the series ?

    -just a bad PP. Wasted TO on top of it

    -Dog **** game

    -Meh I can't blame DeBoer for trying to spark something with that timeout. We hope we won't need it anyway.

    -Awful PP, but LA was holding sticks and bear hugging guys whole 2 mins...

    -Kings have 1 shot on goal this period.
    -Hope they don't get a 2nd because it will probably go in

    -I am confident in us 5on5 but I'm really afraid of them burying a cheese goal out of nowhere.

    -The holding by LA is real. Can't stop Thornton without hooking or holding his stick.

    -Can't we just give LA a taste of their own medicine?
    A lucky fluke win pulled from out of the sky? It's about time it goes against them in a playoff game.

    -This is my nightmare

    -My cardiovascular system can't keep up with this game.

    -oh man, what drama!

    -Will they ever call hooking again? 3 guys were water skiing on pavs there

    -Hertl for Brown is a terrible trade-off.

    -Brown and Hertl clearly doesn't like each other.

    -Brown's an "aggressive" player who's had several "borderline" hits.
    ****. Off. CBC.

    -Hello. My name is Tomas Hertl. You killed my knee. Prepare to die.

    one thing we can all agree on is OT is stressful as hell:

    -OT. Let's do this.

    -alright everyone, get your heart meds and defibrillators ready.

    -damn ot

    -I'm gonna have a heart attack

    -So you want the good news first? Or the bad news?
    The bad news: The Kings are like 89-3 in OT over the last 3 playoff years.
    The good news: 2 of their 3 OT losses in that time were against the Sharks.
    -But the Sharks have beat the Kings in game 3 overtime 3 times

    -Nooooo not OT. OT is only fun when it's not your team playing.

    -Overtime we go. How the hell my heart is gonna survive that?

    -Yeah this isn't good. Incoming some completely fluke, garbage goal by LA.

    -More good news is that the Kings did not score on a buzzer beater to end regulation. That would have been your typical lucky fluke Kings playoff goal.
    Like the buzzer beater to end the 2nd period against St Louis 3 years ago.

    -My heart. Pls

    -So this is one of those games that piss me off. Kings will sit back and put up like zero shots for entire periods of play, then score a garbage goal.

    -Scares me we couldn't capitalize on the power play. I feel like I've seen this before when the Sharks lose on a flukey one. Hope not though.

    -The kings have not looked very good here tonight. Doughty looks like his legs are heavy and Kopitar, minus his power play goal, hasn't looked inspiring ng

    -LA is lucky to be surviving, and, of course are very happy Doughty is immune to giving up 5on3s -somehow-
    If they win it will probably be flukey or ugly

    -We are out shooting the Kings 20-10 in 5v5 this game, and more chances too. Just keep it up and don't take any penalties.

    -(this is my favorite thing):
    -Win or lose, we have already won with that gif.

    -Sharks look like the fresher team. Hopefully it pays off!

    -Nick Kypreos would think that Dustin Brown is some kind of hero...
    -What an imbecile. Guy is praising Brown for what, diving about 3 times this game? And getting taken down by Hertl?

    -Sharks are a way deeper team, and Doughty has to slow down a little bit if he plays 40 mins? Right? Right? Haha

    -Screw it
    I'm calling jumbo to get his second goal and the OT winner

    -First 100 seconds looking just mildly run and gun-like.

    -I'm going to have an anxiety attack

    -atta boy, Cooch. Spray that snow in Quick's stupid face.

    lo and behold, the kings win on a pearson goal that is neither "garbage" nor "flukey":


    -****ing **** ****

    -**** everything

    -Pearson was mauling one of the Sharks in the corner after they got knocked down. But no penalties in OT or anything.

    -Well I guess that's that

    -******* hate Dillon. Get off my team

    -**** this piece of ****

    -Kings in 6.

    -Dillion is #1 on my **** list. Horrible play.

    -Horrible ****ing goal to give up. You can't defend that ********

    -how crushing is this...

    -****! Undeserved ****in kings.

    -If there was just one goal that Jones should have stopped in this series, that one was it. Only stoppable one this series.
    Shouldn't have came down to OT. Two very missed opportunities on the power play late in the 3rd before OT.

    -Well **** we're done. Good series Kings enjoy round 2.

    -How the **** that's not a penalty?

    -Let's be honest. This wasn't going to be a sweep anyways.

    -Brown hit Dillon late behind the net right before that, im sure he was just getting him back and not playing D

    -Brendan Dillon played one of the worst games I've ever seen.

    -Don't we always lose the first game back after a road trip? No big deal. We win game 4 and then 5 at LA.

    -Oh shutup Kypreos. The Kings were playing scared. That's why they were playing the trap style.

    -I ****ing hate the Kings

    -The first two games the Sharks didn't bite on any of the Kings ********. This game they did, and it culminated with Dillon making a stupid play just to get a shot in on Brown. They can't respond to the **** the Kings pull. Simple as that.

    -Despite sucking on the PP Sharks should have had two 5 on 3s with blatant penalties going uncalled. Kings are gaming the system by committing every minor infraction they can because they know the refs are far too deep into playoff mode to actually call them. Happened last 2 years, happening again. Darryl Sutter hockey.

    -Has anyone other than the Thornton line scored yet? It feels like all the scoring this series is being done by them + Burns.
    -This and Quick reverting back to god-mode are what concern me most moving forward. We HAVE to get depth scoring in the playoffs for once this century, otherwise we won't be going very far.

    -the kings eat farts.

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    That is a crazy stat for the sharks..18 straight games against the kings coming up!

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    I still think these threads read just like a typical LGK game day thread....all fans are the same. Fun to read though.


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    Hehehe... Thanx, rcc. Reading WTS at 4 PM here in rainy Slovenia and sun is not so much missed anymore. One down, 15 to go. But first Wednesday. GKG!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jom View Post
    I still think these threads read just like a typical LGK game day thread....all fans are the same. Fun to read though.


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    Sharks fans are funny complaining about the CBC coverage....meanwhile the team doing the call on NBC sports happens to be-the Sharks broadcast team.
    "If the Kings win the Stanley Cup, I'll invite you and three friends over to drink Patine Cellars Wine from the Stanley Cup." Jim Fox to Hipcheck 09/28/2015


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    It really is amazing to see the opposing view points. I do like how SJ fans are already throwing the towel in thinking this series is done. Don't be fooled, this is going 7 games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcc View Post
    -This just in from the CBC news department, Drew Doughty has cured cancer, reunited North and South Korea, and discovered that Santa Claus does, in fact, exist. Leading scientists expect him to be named the 2016-2025 Nobel Peace Prize winner within the hour.
    They forgot about him also solving the Jack the Ripper case.

    RCC FTW!!

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    Default what they're saying: we didn't get swept! edition

    Great morning read as always. Thanks RCC! My favorite line:

    "In other news Pepsi foods will sign Drew Doughty as their spokesperson and rename their drink to Mountain Drew." LOL!


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