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Thread: Dwight King Trade Timeline-When Reality Sets in for Habs Fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by darby View Post
    Lights and noises, man. Lights and noises.
    at the draft party a couple of years ago, and under a considerable haze, i heard Birdman yell out the following (about 4 or 5 times, i think) - "don't marry yourselves to players!" he went on to reiterate that idea more than once on the boards, and i believe it to be absolutely sage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TooCool View Post
    As I said in the other thread (the one where he got traded), it was only a matter of time until he gets healthy scratched. They only care about stats there and the stats that Greg posted is not good for Kinger.
    And poor Kinger got healthy scratched against the Hurricanes. But at least he'll be in the playoffs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mondo Blando View Post
    Role players always get crucified on poor teams. When they bring the exact same to a successful team, they get lauded.

    Dwight King is the exact same player as when the Kings won two Cups. A terrific forechecker when realizes that proper angles mean much more than big booms, tying up sticks and using weight and leverage means more than lining someone up.

    Statistically he was the most valuable penalty killer in the entire league this year, if you care about numbers. Of all players who had spent at least 60 minutes on the PK, he was only on the ice for four PPG against, the best percentage in the league.

    Nolan? My aunt Fanny.

    Should hit harder? My aunt Fanny's ass.

    The dude was a valuable member of the best team this organization ever had. Terrific role player.
    Great, great stat on the PK.

    The other thing about King is that he made himself the NHL player that he is. And before you laugh at that remember what Mondo and Birdy have said - he was a key role player who knew how to play inside that role and played within himself. This is a huge trait that helps good teams win and continue to win. Additionally he was very well thought of within the organization as a result of making himself a good, reliable NHL player and team mate. Teams are scouring the WHL, OHL, QMJHL, etc. for these types of prospects. They are the life blood of a team.



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