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I guess we will see in the next 18 months or so. A NMC is great and all, but when your GM approaches you and says he wants to ship your ass out for lack of production (or something more pc and mild) I'm guessing you might think about waiving that perk.
Also, I see more perceived value up and down the Blackhawks roster as opposed to the Kings.
Time will tell.
For both teams, for sure. I don't argue that DL handed out some contracts that he really shouldn't have, but I just see the virtual lack of NMCs as at least a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Sure, it would probably be a real pain in the ass to move the likes of Gaborik, but if a deal can be done, there's no NMC obstacle there. Hossa could be easier to move, but not if he won't waive. A GM can threaten to move him for lack of production, but that NMC gives the player the final say, and IMO, the upper hand.

Like I said, I wish DL would have done things differently. But he at least didn't hand out NMCs like candy. The next couple seasons will tell...and should be interesting. For both teams.