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Oh man after that first goal I'm like "crap we're going to draw".

Ibra takes a near second yellow I'm like "man one more and this ref will ensure he misses next week".

I still kind of feel like us making the playoffs will put a band-aid on recognizing our front office problem. I certainly also don't want to get into the playoffs, make a round, and get bounced by ALFC. But this is absolutely looney tunes.
Agreed. I hope that (if) making the playoffs does not let the FO off the hook for the mess they have created. However, by the same token, to not make the playoffs makes acquiring Ibra a complete waste.

I'm still a bit dumbstruck about the whole line-up deal this season.
Why did Sigi insist on Ciani and Skjelvik as a part of the back 4???? Why did he insist on Kitchen playing in the mid-field?!?!
These were decisions that nearly every fan was saying NOOOOO to since as far back as April/May, and yet Sigi continued to do it until his demise.

The FO did nothing for the defense on this roster...blunders galore, however, it appears Sigi did no favors to this roster in the way that he fielded them.

Give credit to Dom for at least making the "right" choices on who to start for the matches.

.....and I hope LAFC is not "due" for a win against the G's and happen to finally pull it off in the knock-out round.