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With health and a top free agent like Paul George, for example, this is a playoff team.

I would prefer just adding one max free agent and continuing to build, but if LeBron is willing to come they undoubtedly will do whatever is needed to get him too.
Maybe a playoff team, depends on how they mesh. I like Randle, hopefully he stays. I can do with or without Lebron, he would be great for business, that's a guarantee. You want to see PG13 get dumped by Utah so he has little desire to stay in OKC. And I think Jazz win this series no prob.

Lonzo needs to work on his shot big time. I won't be surprised if he gets bought out end of next year if he doesn't improve shooting. Dude is 45% from the free throw line, and somehow gets a pass. No way you can build a legit team with a PG who can't even knock down 50% from the line. Lots of stat padding with his rebounding in particular.

Curious to see what happens with DMC, what kind of contract he gets and from whom. Pelicans don't need him apparently.