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    Default What They're Saying: Edmonton fanbase meltdown edition

    - We are undefeated in 2018! Lets not break that streak tonight!
    - Expecting another loss. Attending my first game of the season tonight so maybe I'll be a good luck charm.
    - Play to win tonight, boys. Redeem yourselves for the **** show on New Years Eve.
    - Just win, that's all I'm asking for. Go Oilers!
    - This is the least proud I've been of this team in my adult life.
    - I hope Connor's Crüe comes out with fresh swagger, new year new chance to get back on track and start winning our cups.
    - The good news is the Kings have been going through one of their trouble scoring goals phases. Especially in early periods. In the 3rd periods however the Kings have been dominant this season.
    - Talbot will outplay Quick in this one. Mark it down. In Talbot we trust. Seriously.
    - I'm actually thinking the Oilers will win. Doughty will be good for one mind numbingly stupid play tonight. The Kings, like any team, have more, or less difficulty with certain opponents. Last season they had a fair degree of difficulty with us. Should be a good game.

    1st Period:
    - Was that a first shot not in the net?
    - Oh boy, a PK.
    - automatic goal coming up. Home PK
    - They have the league's worst pp on the road....fair matchup.
    - King's PP is 9.6% on the road. Oilers: hold my beer..
    - holy **** a successful PK!
    - Did Jokinen get a video tribute?
    - Wtf no interference on that what a crock
    - LOL F'in joke that was not a call.
    - Its gonna get touted as a good defensive play. Apparently McDavid plays with a different rule book
    - **** doughty.. i hope someone takes out the knees of Kopitar just like this Doughty veteran move
    - If this powerplay was ice cream, it’d be the blandest variety of vanilla.
    - All been one and done with EDM when they go into the O-zone. Zero sustained pressure. Kings should be winning this game
    - Pathetic effort by a pathetic team so far.
    - Yeah I don't think we're wining this game...
    - McDavid found Doughty’s hit hilarious. I love it.
    - Lucic muffs another one.
    - Jeez. Next play I figure Ref will help Brown mount the saddle on Connor.
    - Maroon is fired up and engaged. Been a while since I've seen that.
    - The last five minutes was a bit better. Maroon is looking like the Maroon of last year.
    - You know what? I'd be fine with waiving Cammy. Not a fan of Slepyshev But even he's better than the shell Cam has become.
    - Random comment of the night. Milan Lucic's voice sounds like Paul Stanley from KISS. Whats he sing like?

    2nd Period:
    - POS Doughty gets away with everything. One of the southern golden boys.
    - I can't stand the quick close ups. Also Doughty just is free to get away with any penalty he wants?
    - Someone needs to end doughty, dont even care if its clean or dirty
    - I see the Kings are allowed to mug Maroon in the defensive zone
    - Getlaugh and Dowty are untouchable.
    - these GDT are getting sad. sounds like most people are checking out
    - Fire the coaching staff please.
    - Now that was terrible
    - Special teams are fantastic as always I take it?
    - 1 shot each 10 minutes into the period. Barn burner.
    - This team needs a retool big time and Lucic is back to looking like a 4th liner at best again
    - I wonder if Kings fans are as bored as we are.
    --- They are used to the Kings boring play style.
    ----- Yes but are they used to ours?
    - Looch hurt kopy on that hit
    - RUSSELL GOT A SHOT ON NET!!!!!!!!!
    --- More importantly it was the oppositions net.
    - target that shoulder... give the king ngs a dose of their own
    - What was Drew even talking about there? He just said the goalies go out there and named off goalie equipment
    - If we don't score, this will be the first time in his career that McDavid goes 3 games without a point.
    (Andreoff scores)
    -Game winner.
    - How do they get a 2 on 1 there, which idiot D was in deep
    - ****.
    - What the **** was Russell doing?
    - The same thing happens every game at this point.
    - Sekera played that so badly.
    - Well that's game.
    - When’s the last break away or 2-1 Talbot has saved, easy pickings.
    - ****ing Russell is an idiot, bench his dumbass, start making these players accountable
    - ****ing Tmac with his usual put the 4th line out late in a period and get scored on immediately. I can't wait to hear the media bring up all the special teams **** when this clown gets the axe at the end of the year.
    - Team is still pathetic even after that 5-0 loss.
    - here's a PK. should be 2-0 pretty quick here
    - No penalty shot? Okay.
    - What a beautiful waste of time
    - Our 4th line is ****ing garbage.
    - I wish we had a defensemen even close to Doughty
    --- I dont... he would be in the penalty box half the game if he was an Oiler... Cheap player that i dont want near our team...hope he gets cheap shotted every game.l
    --- Wish we had a roster
    ----- I'd settle for a rooster
    ----- --I wish we had an organization we could be proud of.
    - This team is pathetic
    - That was our chance.
    (Maroon hit on Doughty)
    - Maroon your a moron
    - Good, I hope you're really hurt doughty
    - Maroon is a ****ing moron.
    - well don't lead with your face Doughty. nice scrap.
    - Ouch
    - That’s gonna be a suspension.
    - Is that even a penalty?
    - Maroon could've had the puck there. What a dumb and useless hockey player he is.
    - Enjoy your strained soup Drew.
    - Maroon will probably sit a couple games for that
    - Oooh, hope Doughty's alright.
    - Gonna be a 5 cause we're playing LA
    - and theres Maroon in a nutshell takes an idiotic unneccessary penalty for what exactly?
    - suck it drew
    - i think maroon is going to get a phone call tomorrow morning
    - Yeah...that's a suspension.
    - Maroon is such an idiot. That should be 5 minutes.
    - LA should get the instigator, but they wont cause #NHL
    - He injured not even sure that should be a pentalty.
    - Wow nice embellishment from Doughty. Continues to prove he’s a ****.
    --- He got hit square on the button. What are you watching?
    ----- He needs to keep his ****in head up.
    - Blindside headshot. Maroon will miss some games for that.
    - Maroon has to let up there. He anticipated Doughty getting the puck but it went by him.
    - I imagine Forbert gets the instigator right? or is that only a rule when the other team makes a cheapshot?
    - The commentators on NBCSN can’t seem to discern who is McDavid and who is Nugent-Hopkins.
    - Match penalty? That's a bit of overkill. I expect Doughty to be out for the PP. Just down the hallway long enough to draw the major.
    - No instigator penalty? What a joke this league is
    - Doughty better not be out there for the third if he got a ****ing major for that.
    - should be 4 on 4 for 2 mintues
    - 5 minute PP??? Really?
    - Well to those that wanted to know how many goals we would give up on a 5 minute major, here we go.
    - Doughty will be back. Doubt it's as bad as everyone is saying.
    --- If he’s out for a significant amount of time though, then the Oilers might have derailed the Kings’ contention chances tonight.
    - LOVED that Marroon hit to Doughboy. LOVED IT. Maybe he will have some more good quotes after the game.
    - Maroon is a complete twit, typical meathead penalty at a critical time in the game - lights out
    - Maybe all McDavid shoud do before he gets hit is bend down below a guy’s stomach and then do some tragic ballerina ****. Worked for Dough boy there.
    - Where is the instigator penalty?
    - Where's the 2 for instigating on Forbort?
    - What happened to getting an instigator for starting a fight? That I don't understand. LA D are like a bunch of guys who got out of prison and the Oilers are women. These guys are all over them. Bear hugs, cross checks at weill. I can see why they can play good D.
    - I'm fine with the call on Maroon, but how's there no instigator there?
    - Doughty wont even miss a shift
    - I think we can call it a season if the Oilers lose this game. Everyone else they are chasing has won tonight or is winning, except Dallas. ****ing brutal.
    - Hit Kopitar hard every chance you get. All I gotta say.
    - I feel bad about it, but I hope Brad Doty misses some time because **** the Kings.

    3rd Period:
    - Ah, there we go...
    - Talbot should try making a big save once this year
    - Easy pickings, go high it’s in
    - It's my own fault that I have anything but awful expectations for this team. Like an abused significant other, it's my fault.
    - What a terrible season
    - sigh. we ****ing suck man
    - Thinking at least 1 more goal.
    - What a shocker, Doughty is back.
    - Davidson saves a sure goal. Also...why is Doughty on the ice?
    - Well going to be another 10 months until we begin to see meaningful Oiler hockey again folks. Absolutely brutal.
    - And, as predicted, Doughty is fine. His theatrics earned them 2 goals. It was a 2 minute penalty that Doughty embellished to a major.
    - Hilarious that Doughty is back. Good on him if it screws him over long term. Idiotic move. better to be safe.
    - yeah Doughty must have been hurt so bad
    - Lol Talbot, great job keeping us in it lol
    - Time to fire the coaching staff
    - Fire people please
    - Wow 4 goals huh?
    - How about that penalty kill?
    -Pull the bum
    - 3 goals on a 5 minute PP. This team is ****ing disgustingly bad.
    - Two lucky goals but there better be a firing after this
    - I wonder what the record is for most goals scored on a 5 min Powerplay?
    - Rock bottom.
    - McDavid is going to waste his career here. Poor kid
    - This team sux
    - Oh, it's 4-0 now? Sorry, i was too busy watching a team who knows how to put in an effort every night. Go Knights, Go.
    - The job security of this coaching staff is unbelievable
    - I'm excited for our PP to show the Kings how it's done not scoring.
    - So how about we get some accountability with this team. Can we have that at least?
    - We can't let McDavid go 3 games without a point
    - Here comes lots of calls now that game is out of hand only times refs call penalties fairly for the Oilers
    - fire someone
    - Team ****ing sucks. McLellan's career is over. Season's over
    - Worst franchise in professional sports?
    - It amazes me that professionals that have played this game for the majority of their lives can miss the net so often.
    - Not much chance quick is letting in 5 tonight
    - I hope the fans liter the ice with crap and the players get booed and crap thrown at them as they leave the ice. This team is literally the worst crap team of all ****ing time.
    - pathetic pathetic pathetic
    - This season has been awful. The team doesn't even show up at home. PK is atrocious. PP is almost just as bad. Screw you coaching staff. And screw you Chia.
    - How do these idiots keep their jobs? Seriously...
    - I wouldn't even go to a game for free at this point.
    - Of all the Oilers teams that have sucked over the last decade, this is by far the most shameful. It's unthinkable that a team could become so jekyll and hyde after just a year.
    - Just waiting for the firings to start now...
    - Quick is laying on the ice and you shoot the puck low? that should get you waived.
    -Nothing short of a coaching change will do anything for this team.
    - Diver Doughty never missed a shift .
    - This team will go 0-10 this month. 0-9-1 will be a success.
    - I think we might see the coaching staff gassed by Chiarelli now. The special teams and overall inconsistency - and the fact that Chiarelli will want to deflect blame from himself for poor roster moves - should be enough. A big cheque for Katz to write - but McLellan's staff aren't looking like they're capable of leading a Cup winner. I'd seriously look at Darryl Sutter.
    - Really hope they don't score a meaningless goal in the final few minutes. They deserve to be shut out in back-to-back games.
    - I would like to hear some serious boos from the crowd.
    - This team can barely make a pass at this point.
    - So can the Oilers get relegated to the AHL after this game?
    - Somehow there are 6 teams in the league that are currently worse than we are.
    - Todd is gonna get axed, not long now.
    - McLellan needs to get canned. A team with this much talent should not be in the running for a top 5 pick..
    -With this loss the Oilers are 8 points out of a spot. On pace for 76 points. That what...a 30 ****ing point decrease from last year?
    - What happened to Maroon? He hurt no?
    - This is the game that gets Craig MacTavish fired.
    - Talbot, try stopping the puck, its more fun than letting goals in.
    - There it is. Back to back 5-0 losses.
    - Holy ****!!! Dude rips Davidson's stick out of his hands and no call!
    - So that wasn't holding on Davidson?
    - If the assistants are still here tomorrow I'm gonna blow a gasket.
    - You're ****ing done, Todd.
    - Zero reason for the coaching staff to be here tomorrow morning.
    - I don't understand. Why do they suck so?
    - I feel bad for anyone who went to this game.
    - Hope that was Todd’s last straw. Have a feeling that he will get some more leash as it was Maroons selfishness that cost them that game.
    - Any one want tickets to the next one lol
    - Its darkest before dawn.

    - Imagine being gifted Connor McDavid for three years @ $925K/season and missing the playoffs twice.
    - Well ****
    - Dustin Brown would be our leading goal scorer.
    - Hopefully they just give up and start tanking.
    - I don't care what any of them say in the post game interviews or before the next one. This team is showing all the signs of a team that has thrown in the towel.
    - **** this team.


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    These are the greatest....missed these...

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    ****ing love these!

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    They're a finesse team.
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    Very reminiscent of Kings fans during a loss.

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    Thank you for doing this. I miss RCC’s WTS threads.

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    What a bunch of cry babies. I can't believe all the people wishing for serious injury. That is just absolutely pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRGinLBC View Post
    Very reminiscent of Kings fans during a loss.
    Also very reminiscent of Kings fans during a win!

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    I don't blame them for being angry at this underachieving team. But their wishing for injuries to Doughty is pretty sick stuff.

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    Thank you for that!

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    So if Kyle Clifford laid the same hit on Connor McJebus as Maroon’s hit on Doughty,and McJebus came back in the third period,they would be okay with that.



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