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He is not of sound mind. A mental condition, combined with addiction is a one-two punch of having ZERO grasp of your reality and/or the ability to grapple with it.
It appears his family clearly understands this. Matt however does not.
That's the key and also why things like interventions won't work. The time for an intervention was years ago when he still had a grasp of reality but from the sound of things, he's beyond that now. Things like logic, reason, and appealing to their own self interest don't work because they think they're fine and everyone else has a problem. That's their reality and you aren't going to get them to see otherwise. Of course, most people in this situation are also "sane" enough to avoid being committed, and even if they get committed it is usually just for a short period of time and then are released and are expected to keep taking meds they don't want to take and most likely are incapable of managing on a day-to-day basis. There just isn't a lot of hope in situations like this.