...for trading Colin Miller and Martin Jones away to bring in Milan Lucic...for all the trades good and bad, and all the signings good and bad that move right there has to among the worst, if not the worst, of all the moves you ever penned or even thought about no less actually executed...Thank God you happened to put together lightning in a bottle twice and bring us 2 cups (which I am glad I got to see, thinking I never would) but my goodness could that trade continue to look any worse, it gets worse by the minute. The other trades and signings and all the other crap at least the result was 2 cups. The Miller/Jones for Lucic after the window had shut was just plain stupid, like really dumb

Since that trade, Boston = Great; Sharks = pretty good; Kings = WTF? Is this the black hole again?

DL, The Legend Continues!