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Thread: National Police Week 2018 / National Police Officers Memorial Day May 15th

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    Default National Police Week 2018 / National Police Officers Memorial Day May 15th

    May 13th through May 19th has been designated as National Police Week with May 15th designated as National Police Officers Memorial Day. Please take a minute to remember my brothers, sisters & K9's who lost their lives protecting that thin blue line for the safety & protection of others.

    If you see a an officer or deputy this week why not take some time to shake their hand or just say "thank you" for their service. Better yet, if you see an officer or deputy in line for food or drink pay for their purchase as way to say "thanks." This has happened to me a few times and I can't tell how much I appreciated that kind gesture of thanks.

    California Peace Officers' Memorial

    National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial

    We are the Samurai, the warrior elite who protect and serve. Armed and armored from head to toe, masters of our personal weapons and bound by Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Honesty. We walk the long path into the places society would prefer forgotten, and chase those demons that most would run from screaming in fear. We are the Samurai.

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    I'll be in DC later this week and the NLEOM will be my first stop on my first full day there.

    Thank you for your service SloMo.



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