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Thread: ***Philadelphia Flyers vs. LA Kings GDT 11/01/18 7:30pm on FSW***

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    Default ***Philadelphia Flyers vs. LA Kings GDT 11/01/18 7:30pm on FSW***

    Official Game Day Thread
    Game #12/82 -- 11/01/18

    Philadelphia Flyers vs. Los Angeles Kings

    at Center | Los Angeles, CA

    Dia De Los Muertos Night presented by Delta Air Lines

    Full Arena Giveaway:
    Limited Edition Collectible Art Print presented by Delta Air Lines

    Last Season’s Meetings:

    12/18/17 -- Kings 4, Flyers 1
    10/05/17 — Flyers 0, Kings 2

    GAME TIME **7:30PM**

    TV:**Fox Sports West**

    Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio app



    Please remember, DO NOT post links to Live Game Streams in the GDT or anywhere else on LGK

    Stevens, Brown, Martinez, Campbell 10/28 Postgame Quotes

    Read more quotes and articles at Jon Rosen's Blog here

    John Stevens, on how much of a “relief” the win was:
It’s kind of ironic, I though number 17 was outstanding tonight. It’s tough. It seems like we’ve done some good things along the way, and it just seems like tonight was another one of those nights where they got a bounce and I thought we had a really good start. But, it was a real credit to the guys. They stayed with it, I thought the special teams were really good tonight, I thought Kovalchuk was outstanding tonight, I thought Dustin Brown made a big difference in our lineup.
    Stevens, on whether he could feel the momentum swing after Dustin Brown’s power play goal:
For sure. A lot of boxes you can check there. We were putting pucks towards the net, we had people at the net, we got rebounds in the blue paint. Whether there was a power play or not, I thought that power play was just looking to shoot the puck right away and guys were converging on the net. It just seems you had that sense when they got out there after that there was a confidence in that group that they were going to create something but were all looking to get the puck to the net, so it was big.
    Stevens, on Jack Campbell’s recovery after New York’s second goal:
Well, we’re going to need him to play well. The way the game is now, you’re going to have to be really good. I thought there was not much he could do on the first one. It’s crashed into the net, so I’m not sure he’s going to do anything there. That puck, the second one I think surprised everyone a little bit, but again, if it wasn’t for bad luck, you’d have none at all, so I thought it was really good that the group responded that way. I thought the power play was huge for us in the second period, and again, I think those guys want to make a difference, and when they can make a difference in that situation and can capitalize on penalties, I thought it was a really big momentum shift for in our hockey team.
    Stevens, on Brown:

    We talked about Brownie, whether it was this morning or yesterday, if you had a check list of boxes, I think you’d be hard-pressed to not find a box that he checks. He kills penalties, plays power plays, provides leadership the way he plays and he provides leadership when he speaks. He’s very well respected by the old guys, he’s very well respected by the middle-aged guys and he’s very well respected by the young guys. There’s not a box he doesn’t check. I just thought he came back tonight and was determined to make a difference.
    Stevens, on Ilya Kovalchuk scoring on a power play one-timer:
I thought he was really good tonight. He made a lot of plays. Again, unfortunately, I think he was the bearer of some bad bounces there, but he didn’t let it get him off track. I think Adrian skated really well in the middle there. Those guys seemed to have a little bit of chemistry, obviously. I think the power play doing well gave him a little confidence, but it looked like he created a lot and looked really confident with the puck, so I think when he starts to have success in power play situations I think it’s going to give him a lot of confidence in the rest of his game.

    Dustin Brown, on getting a goal in his first game back:
It was a good goal. Power play, too. It just felt good to be part of the group again.
    Brown, on how he felt during the game:
It felt really good, but first game back and everyone’s ten games in so a little tired. But I’ve been through it before. Just trying to get my legs, but it’s good now we have a day off and get ready to go again.
    Brown, on if the second half of the second period is how the team wants to play:
    Yeah I think really from right around that part to the time when we scored the third goal. I think once we scored the third goal we kind of sat back too much, but it’s a big win.
    Brown, on what the vibe was in the locker room going into the third period:
Just battled back from down two-nothing. Actually, I think we played really well before that. If you kind of look at their goals, one from below the goal line and one from our goalie getting pushed in. Those are the types of goals that you’ve got to find a way to let them go and move on and tonight we did a really good job of just refocusing. The positive energy was, like I said being back, on the bench I liked our energy. Like I said, I can’t say how it was before, but it seemed to be going in the right direction for just the energy and the emotion you need to be able to play with.

    Alec Martinez, on his goal:
I’m just trying to make a play with my feet. You know, some would say I lost the puck, I would say that I made a good move. Nah, but the ice was getting kind of chippy there at the end. Lost it, but was able to get it back. I just tried to get a shot on net, tried to use that D as a screen a little. Tried to shoot by his foot and, fortunately, it went in. I think it was a good team effort. We got a lot out of our power play obviously and we had some big kills at the end. PK was really good. All around I think that was the best game that we’ve played in a long time.
    Martinez, on the impact of having Dustin Brown back in the lineup:
It’s awesome. He’s obviously one of the big pillars of this hockey team. He’s a leader in here and despite some things that have happened in the past, he’s a huge part of our program, a huge part of our leadership and we’ve never doubted him. To see him come back from injury like that and to have an impact the way he did. Scored that goal and had a great net presence on Kovy’s goal–I think that was him in front. And then obviously what you mentioned, that defensive zone play when he lost his stick. And say what you want about that, but that was a big momentum–it was more than just the play itself. Hats off to Brownie. He did an awesome job.
    Martinez, on how the team is looking to build on today’s win:
There’s obviously still room for improvement, but I think we can take a lot of positives from that game. Special teams, we played a good team game, we battled hard. It was a good character win. So I think we’ve just got to take what we did well and build on it and try to get this ship turned around here now.

    Jack Campbell, on if there was a momentum shift after Brown scored:
It wasn’t my best game tonight, but I just had that confidence where I just know the group in here and they were just playing great. And I don’t think anybody panicked. I gave up that goal in the second and they just kept going. We tied the game and then kept taking the lead and any time Brownie was out there I felt like it was a huge spark for us.

Campbell, on what the win does for the team right now:
    There’s not even a word to describe it. We just needed this win and I thought having Brownie back in the lineup was a huge spark for us. It wasn’t my best game by any means, but I thought the team just kept picking each other up and we just played a great sixty minutes so just feels really good and we want to keep going with it.
    Campbell, on his puck-handling ability:

    Just trying to make plays to help the team and make it easy for the defensemen coming back. They do a great job of talking to me and letting me know what to do with it and we also work on all that, so it’s a skill you’ve got to keep working on, but it also helps to have great communicators like we have back there on defense.
    Campbell, on the next six games at home:
    We’re just going to try to play how we did tonight. A strong sixty minutes. For me, I’m just going to try to keep getting better every day and I think if we keep doing that and having this mindset then we’ll be just fine

    Subject To Change


    Kings Injuries:

    Jonny Brodzinski (IR)
    Jonathan Quick (LTIR)
    Gabe Vilardi


    Flyers Probable Lineup
    (courtesy of


    Former Kings:

    Christian Folin

    Wayne Simmonds

    Jordan Weal

    ASSISTANT COACH: Ian Laperriere

    Senior Advisor to the General Manager:
    Dean Lombardi





    Today's Poll Question:

    2 PARTER - 2 big chances to get a point! 1) The Kings have held a lead for 5:43 in the past 7 games (all in the previous game). For HOW MANY MINUTES will the Kings hold a LEAD in this game? (+/- 4:00 will be a winner) BONUS (easier) QUESTION: During which period will the Kings FIRST TAKE A LEAD in this game? (1,2,3,OT, SO, or NEVER)

    Take your best guess in your post below.

    The only prize is the glory of seeing your name in the next GDT if you get it right.

    Previous Poll Winners:

    NO ONE guessed the Kings would land a whopping 40 Shots on Goal last game, and no one even got within +/-2 of that total.

    Kings Of The Mountain with 6 points.


    5 points


    4 points

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    Any suggestions, pics, poll questions, etc. - email me at

    Photos courtesy of Getty Images, and
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    4:00 min lead

    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter

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    11:00 lead

    1st period.

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    2:00 lead

    1st per

    we are doomed. GO KINGS GO!!!

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    Thanks, Susan!

    Hate reading the Stevens quotes. He sounds so vapid and unattached to reality... in stark contrast to Sutter's caustic cliches... but still just as uninformative.


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    Much thanks, Nyssa and jammer, for all y'all do to bring us the first-place GDTs in the league!! Heroic effort, considering the 31st-place team irs got to work with.

    I'll go with 32:00 and 1st period
    "SUCK MY D**K!!" -Drew Doughty, October 8th, 2019 @ CGY GWG quote.

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    40:00 minutes.
    First period.

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    2 minutes
    3rd period

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    I have had absolutely NO luck on these this season!
    56 minutes of lead time
    1st period
    Go Kings GO!

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    10 mins 2nd period


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