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    Default Slow cooker recipes / cooking with cola

    I thought there was a thread for slow cooker or crock pot recipes. I don’t know. Anyway, this wasn’t a recipe, more like an experiment. But I know a lot of people cook with cola so I wanted to try that. I got 5 chicken thighs, removed the skin, & put them in a crock pot. I added 12oz cola, 3oz bourbon, 2 tbs soy sauce, 4 crushed garlic cloves, 2 sliced jalapeņos, & the juice of 1 lime. I set it up on low before I left for work today. When I got home it had been cooking for over 12 hours. So I strained the liquid into a saucepan, added salt, pepper, cumin, & Chinese five spice powder. When it boiled I added a slurry of 2 tbs cornstarch & water to thicken it. I heated up some leftover spaghetti & added the chicken meat & sauce. It was so good! I’ve never cooked with cola before but oh man it works. I have leftovers so tomorrow I’m going to cook a pot of rice & steam some broccoli to go with it.

    As far as the cooking time, I cooked it for 12 hours because that’s when I got home from work. It could’ve probably been done in 8 hours. I’d like to try making ribs in the slow cooker with bourbon & cola. I don’t know what else I’d add. Maybe tomato paste, mustard, dried chilies, & some kind of dry rub. Or I might do the same with a pork shoulder.

    I know most threads are about one subject. But I titled this slow cooker recipes / cooking with cola because I’m interested in both things & it didn’t make sense to have 2 threads about the same recipe. So I’d love to read people’s ideas. If it’s a crock pot recipe with no cola or a cola recipe that’s not cooked in a crock pot, that’s OK. Just whoever wants to post their own recipes on either subject can do it here & whoever wants to try my recipe can do it & say what you think about it.
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