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Los Angeles Kings Signed CCM Replica Jersey from yester-year!


Are you tired of being called a bandwagon Kings fan? Do you want people to know how you toughed it out through the lowly years of the early aughts before Kopitar, Doughty, and Quick were the core that brought Lord Stanley's Cup to Los Angeles, twice?! Have you wanted to show off your Kings loyalty -- not how current-GM Rob Blake did -- by honoring the Kings' underrated, workhorse captain from that era?

What better way to do that than with a Mattias Norstrom L.A. Kings Home Jersey (circa 2002)!!!

Matty Norstrom was the kind of captain who put his body on the line for the Kings. The kind of captain who said no in 2006 to his Swedish National Olympic Team so he could focus on fully healing up and captaining the Kings... and Sweden won the GOLD that year!!! He missed out on a gold frickin' medal... for this team!!! Just like you missed out on watching playoff hockey so much... for this team!!! It's got the "C" for Matty's captaincy, his number #14 on the shoulders and back. (long before it got hijacked by some Playoff MVP player)

It not only comes with Matty's signature, but we also have other signatures from the stalwart 2004 blueline, including defensemen:
  • #3 Aaron Miller
  • #10 Nathan Dempsey
  • #17 Lubo "thanks for Stoll and Greene" Visnovsky
  • #26/27 Joe Corvo (includes 2 of his always changing numbers, which I had him initial in approval)
  • #38 Denis Grebeshkov
  • #42 Tim "the future of our blueline" Gleason AND...
  • #53 Jason Holland

Yes, that's right. Jason Mothereffin' Holland!!! And to show you know how to be an LA Kings fan, right in the center, is the signature of head coach, Andy "I Play My Best Hockey When..." Murray. (if only he had Kopitar on the team, he may have stuck around longer... his words!) I'm sorry I didn't get Van Boxmeer's autograph... his line was so long.

Plus this jersey's got the beautiful forum blue, the purple that makes it unique from the era of a sea of black hockey jerseys. It's from 2002 before the team switched back to the crown. This one has the shield, the coat-of-arms... with the crown, a SoCal sun, and of course, the ever-regal lion holding his twig and wearing his shades.

So if you're a contrarian and don't want to have a jersey of those overrated stars who scored more than 5 goals every year, and want to prove to all those fans with their stupid home plate jerseys that the two Kings' Stanley Cups mean more to you because you know what suffering is, then BUY THIS JERSEY.

*Which it very much is. I guarantee it. Prove that nobody else is as passionate of a Kings fan to have compiled these signatures together.