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Thread: ***Minnesota Wild vs LA Kings GDT 11/08/18 7:30pm***

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    Default ***Minnesota Wild vs LA Kings GDT 11/08/18 7:30pm***

    Official Game Day Thread
    Game #15/82 -- 11/08/18

    Minnesota Wild vs. Los Angeles Kings

    at Center | Los Angeles, CA

    Previous Meeting:

    10/25/18 ? Kings 1, Wild 4

    GAME TIME **7:30PM**

    TV:**Fox Sports West**

    Radio: LA Kings iHeartRadio app

    Please remember, DO NOT post links to Live Game Streams in the GDT or anywhere else on LGK

    Desjardins, Clifford, Campbell, Kovalchuk 11/06 Postgame Quotes

    Read more quotes and articles at Jon Rosen's Blog here

    Willie Desjardins, on the win:

    I thought we had a good first period. I thought the guys played hard, they blocked lots of shots in that first period. We didn?t maintain the game as well as we wanted, but the first period was a good start, and we?ll build on that.
    Desjardins, on what he liked about the team?s pace, attack and five-man units:
It was good. We had every unit going, like, all four lines played well. And good minutes, too. In the first period, lots of guys had ice time and played well. We got a little bit off every line, which was good, too. The specialty teams were good. We got the power play goal, we killed off two big penalties when we needed ?em. I thought everybody contributed.
    Desjardins, on Jack Campbell?s outlet pass, and whether that?s a style he wants to see:

    Yeah, Jack just made that happen on his own. Sometimes guys step up and make big plays, and Jack made a big play. He likes to handle the puck. But we do want to play quicker, and I thought we did a good job at parts of the game playing quicker. Anaheim?s a good team. You have to always know that, and they?ll play hard. They came in and played hard, and it was a tough game for us. [Reporter: Most goalies don?t handle the puck as well as they think they do. Have you been able to judge how good a puck handler he is?] Ah, not yet. One game. I had Jack before, though, and Jack was pretty good before with the puck. He is confident with it, and he likes to handle it, and that was a good play. But the one goal they got, we didn?t make the handoff quite as well on that one, and if that would?ve been clean, we probably would?ve gotten out of our zone.
    Desjardins, on whether the Kings settled in after scoring three times on John Gibson:

    Yeah, I think we did, but you get that lead and all of a sudden you start sitting back a little bit and they start coming. I think when we get up, we?ve got to keep pushing harder. I thought we just laid off ?em a little bit. They had a couple chances to get back in the game.
    Desjardins, on whether anything ? other than Kyle Clifford?s backhander ? surprised him:

    He made a couple good plays. No, I thought everybody played pretty well, as I expected. I think Iafallo was pretty good. Like, he has more speed than I thought. Lewis is pretty quick, too, so there?s a couple guys that are a little quicker than I thought, maybe. I thought there was good balance throughout the lines.
    Desjardins, on whether he sees the potential to roll four lines:
Yeah, I want to roll four. I think that?s the best way to play. If we can roll four, we can stay fresh and we can play hard. It?s an adjustment for the guys, too. Not only do I adjust to the team, all of a sudden they get somebody doing different things, and it?s a little bit hard for them right away, too. I thought they did a good job managing, and I thought they tried to buy in. I thought they tried to do what we wanted them to do..
    Desjardins, on anything else that the team can build on:

    I think that the specialty teams certainly were good. Obviously that made a big difference in the game. We can get our D moving more. The one rush was created because our D jumped, and there were a couple times where our D stepped up and made big plays. I think we can keep building on that and get our D more involved.
    Desjardins, on the message to the team at the start of the game:

    I talk about the first five minutes of every period, that they?re important. We?ve got to come out hard for that. We know Anaheim?s a good team. The guys want to get things going a little bit more, but a big part of success is confidence, and I don?t think our confidence is great right now. I think at times we kind of fell back, but there?s little adjustments we can make that?ll make us better.

    Kyle Clifford, on his goal:
    Credit to Marty there, he made a great play. That?s the type of player he is, he?s aware out there, and it was just a good play all around by him.
    Clifford, on being able to get a win for Willie Desjardins? first game as head coach:

    It?s good. We came prepared to play today and I thought our pace was up. We played hard, we played with passion, and we just kept it short out there and just kept rolling ?em over.
    Clifford, on whether Desjardins keeping the lines intact is a sign of him trusting the team:
    You know, all four lines were going tonight and all three D-pairing and obviously Soupy was outstanding again out there tonight, so it just makes it easy on the coach when everyone?s playing well.
    Clifford, on the level of passion in tonight?s game:
    I think the passion is in the puck battles and winning loose puck battles and I thought we did a good job early coming up with the wins one-on-ones and then the speed off the play, you?re able to make a play and hit our centers who are pretty quick as well.
    Clifford, on if he has any words for people who say this team is old and slow:

    Yeah, I don?t think they?re old and I don?t think they?re slow. You look at Kopi?s year last year and Brownie?s year last year, those are two core veteran guys who had outstanding years. You look when Brownie comes back this year? he?s an emotional leader out there and doesn?t say a whole lot in the room, but he carries this team and I think there?s a lot of guys that do that. You know, people can say what they want, but we know the truth in here.
    Clifford, on if his goal was a hint to Desjardins that he deserves top-six minutes:

    You know, I know my game?nothing?s changing.

    Clifford, on winning three of the last four games:

    That?s the direction we want to head. We want to keep winning. We want to win on a consistent basis. We want to win every night. It?s hard to win in this league and it?s going to take everybody.
    Clifford, on if tonight?s game felt like it had more of an attacking mindset:
I just thought tonight everybody played together?we were five up and we were five back?so it makes it easy when everybody?s working coming back into the D-zone and you get turnovers and it?s easier to attack that way.

    Jack Campbell, if there was more emotion in tonight?s game:

    Absolutely. I mean, I think the emotion was visible but like, you could hear it too. I think everybody was excited and fired up. I thought we came out and played a great first 20 and that?s what kind of got us going and then we just kept going from there. So it?s an exciting start, but we?ve got to keep going.
    Campbell, on his outlet pass to Toffoli that led to an assist on Kovalchuk?s goal:
I just saw them all changing. Usually you see kind of the first guy come up, make sure I can?t make a direct pass, but they call kind of went to the bench so I just thought it?d be smart play to throw it up and Ty make a great play to chip it over to Kovy. And I mean, the guy?s a goal scorer, and it?s fun to watch and he put it in. It was a big goal for our team.

    Ilya Kovalchuk, on his goal off of Campbell?s stretch pass:
    Obviously all game he played unbelievable. He made some key saves at the right time for us and that play he made, you know he looked like Marty Brodeur there. So that?s great when the goalie can handle the puck like that and it?s very easy for the D, makes it easier for them.
    Kovalchuk, on whether anything helped energize the team for Desjardins? first game as head coach:
    It?s just a wakeup call for everybody. We take full responsibility for Johnny getting fired. He was here a long time and he was very successful with the guys and it?s on us. So we just looked in the mirror and talked to ourselves on what we can do better and I think that we were ready to play from the first minute today and our power play was good, but especially our penalty killing. I think they did a great job.

    Subject To Change


    Kings Injuries:

    Jonny Brodzinski (IR)
    Jonathan Quick (LTIR)
    Gabe Vilardi


    Wild Probable Lineup
    (courtesy of






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    Thanks Nyssa and The Number Guy for these great threads!

    I'll go with a final score of 4 - 3 tonight.


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    Thanks Nyssa!

    I'll say it's a 5-3 affair

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    "It's a 3-2 league."

    Go Kings Go!

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    Yo Nyssa and jammer: thank you for all y'all do to bring us the best damn GDTs in the league!

    I'll say it's a 5-2 kinda night. Here's to hoping they stay undefeated in the Willie D era!
    "SUCK MY D**K!!" -Drew Doughty, October 8th, 2019 @ CGY GWG quote.

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    Thanks Nyssa and Jammer!

    I'll go with 4-1 tonight. No reasoning, I juts feel it in my loins.

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    Golly Gee....the Wild really kicked the Crowns around last game....this new coach thing is playing with my emotions....I was thinkin' like a 6-1 rout and a BOOOOO fest.
    But now....


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    Go Kings GO!

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