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Thread: Edibles?

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    Default Edibles?

    Can we talk about those? Theyíre legal in California & other states after all. Has anyone tried them? Whatís your opinion on them?

    Also, has anyone tried making homemade edibles, like brownies or something? Was it successful or not? Anyone want to post their recipes? Iíve been reading some things about making homemade edibles & there were 2 main points. First was you canít just add some weed to a brownie recipe. You have to heat it up to 180F & you have to infuse it into oil or butter. Second, when youíre cooking with the infused oil, you canít go above 350F or it will degrade.

    One way to infuse butter is to seal butter & weed in plastic & then either sous vide it for 1-2 hours or cook it with water in a crock pot on low for 4 hours. They also have special machines you can buy. For infusing oils, itís the same principle of making garlic or chili oil. You just put oil & weed in a small pot & cook on very low heat for 1-2 hours until the temperature reaches 180F. Then you let it cool down. But the hardest part is to control dosing. You have to know what your tolerance is & how much is going into each recipe.

    Any thoughts?

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    Tran: Not an expert but there is a ton of information out there, go to any dispensary and your bud tender will be more than happy to walk you through your specific needs. Personally, prefer edibles because i'm an active person, so the whole smoking plus cardio do not mix. Have had a positive experience thus far but am totally a low dose stress relief kind of user. I have poor coping techniques so edibles help me let go of the trivial things and reboot from a happier place. Personally, not looking for a let's get weird with it and see what happens kind of experience (no judgment) which you can absolutely do and have so much fun. =)

    Recommendation: Kushy Punch gummies or Kiva Confections (mmmm dark chocolate).

    Baking is a different animal & there is a science to it, which you seem to be aware of. So, if that is how you like to have fun/ challenge yourself , go for it. Sounds like purchasing the cooking oil would be the safest and the most efficient product for a beginner like yourself.

    Good luck, stay safe, have fun.



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