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Totally unrelated anecdote for alls amusement:
Back when minijammer was about three ish we did a lot of kissing to make it all better. Anyway he was a bit precocious about this age as well and one time we were in a crowded restaurant but he wanted to go to the bathroom by himself like a big boy. It was a tiny bathroom single person and we could see the door from our seats so we let him. Now we're not entirely sure what happened but we surmise that the lid fell back on him, which caused him to run across the restaurant holding his pecker, pants around his ankles yelling "mommy kiss it, mommy kiss it!" over and over at the top of his lungs.
Sounds like it’s all love and lighthearted fun at the Jammer household, being a father suits you. *smile* As a stranger from the internet, I will not comment on any pickle stories that involve humans under 18 (even if they are adorable).

The Blues are playing with pride, fantastic. Do you think all of the Cup Finals games would be on NBC (read: televised nationally) if it were Calgary v. Toronto? Or any other combo of teams? Is this the new normal?