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Thread: The Official MMA Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crapgame13 View Post
    Randy may die...modo

    he didn't win his last 3 hw fights
    I agree. Considering how many of us don't like his opponent tho....I know i'd like to see him do better

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    As for the other 2 big fights, I think they are tailor made for the ex champs to win. I think both Hughes and Franklin are being matched up with decent fighters but guys that they should beat. UFC wants to build Hughes and Franklin back up, especially since both guys were/are extremley popular.

    Matt Hughes Vs. Chris Lytle

    Lytle was on TUF4, he's a pretty good stand up fighter but Hughes' wrestling will be too much. I think this will be a classic Hughes peformance, he'll take Lytle down and pound him out. Probably getting a stoppage in round 2.

    Rich Frankin Vs. Jason Macdonald

    Macdonald is a fighter on the rising, having scored impressive wins over Ed Hermann and Chris Leben. But this is a huge step up in competition for him. Franklin is a great stand up fighter with pretty good wrestling skills. He'll want to keep this fight standing though and I think he'll KO MacDonald in the third. It'l be interesting to watch Franklin's performance, sometimes fighters never recover from being knocked the **** out. See Wanderlei Silva.

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    Also, for those who plan not to order the PPV, it might be a good idea to avoid this thread tonight. I think we'll discuss the fights so if you want to try and catch the fights on youtube or dailymotion don't look at the thread!

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    I won a total of $85 tonight. Thank you Natural. That guy's still my hero.

    Tim Sylvia, you are an embarassment to the sport of mixed martial arts.

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    Holy ****

    Randy is the man!

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    Well that was definitley one of the most impressive performances ever.

    Randy Couture Vs. Tim Sylvia

    No one gave Randy a chance in this fight, except Randy. Couture beat Sylvia to the punch all night. He landed a ton of power shots and almost ended the fight in the first round. Couture scored a bunch of takedowns and pounded on Sylvia relentelessly. The champ had no answer and was clearly frustrated as the fight went on. Just incredible heart by Randy. I think its a bit unfair to call Sylvia an embarrssement to the sport. Everyone gets their ass kicked in this game. Tim wasn't a great champ or anything and although he didn't show a ton of heart/guts in his last 2 fights he never quit. I wouldn't call him an embarrsement like the poster above but he's definitley not a great fighter.

    What's Next:

    For Couture, a fight with Mirko Cro Crop beckons provided Cro Cop gets past Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 70 in England. I don't think there's any doubt Cro Cop kills Gonzaga. And he'll be the heavy favorite aginst Randy. After what we watched tonight, it'll be hard to count Randy out but Cro Cop is NOT Tim Sylvia.

    For Sylvia, I don't think the UFC will be in a big hurry to build big Tim back up. He's not a popular fighter and the UFC is all about dollars. They'll give him time to recover from this loss and probably have him fight a guy like Brad Imes.

    Rich Franklin Vs. Jason MacDonald

    "Ace" looked great against MacDonald. Like I mentioned above, this was just a huge stepup for TUF killer MacDonald. Franklin looked crisp in his striking when they were standing up and avoided MacDonalds takedowns. When the fight did go to the ground, Franklin was in control and eventually pounded MacDonald out. Just the performance Franklin needed to get back on the road to the title.

    What's next:

    For Franklin, I think a rematch with the champ Anderson Silva is next. Rich's peformance was solid and there wasn't any ring rust. Silva just demolished Ace in their first right, but Franklin was coming off a war with David Loiseau and perhaps wasn't at 100%. He might have underestimated Silva and that won't happen this time. I think their rematch will be a great fight and Silva will finally be tested in the UFC>

    For, MacDonald, althogh he was dominated he was fighting the former champ. MacDonald still holds 2 impressive wins over Chris Leban and Ed Hermann so I think he still has a future in the UFC. He'll probably fight in the dark matches in on a future PPV or on a ultimate fight night. He might be a decent gate keeper for the 185 division.

    Matt Hughes Vs. Chris Lytle

    Typcial Matt Hughes type performance although Chris Lytle fought his ass off and has nothing to be ashamed off. Hughes' didn't try and stand up with Lytle and went back to bread and butter. Takedowns and ground and pound. Lytle did a good job of surviving, even reversed and got some advantageous positions but Hughes was just too strong. He controlled Lytle on the ground and pounded him out for a 3 round decision.

    What's next:

    For Hughes, A title shot beckons. Dana loves Hughes and Hughes will be first in line to fight the winner of GSP-Serra. GSP should win that fight easily and that will set up the third showdown between Hughes and GSP. Hughes wanted to stand up with GSP and he got destroyed. I don't think he'll make the same mistake twice, but GSP is just as good a wrestler as Hughes if not better and his stand up is light years ahead of Hughes. I think the third fight will end in a GSP victory but Hughes will have a better showing.

    For Lytle, he peformed well against a future Hall of Famer so I think he'll still be in the UFC's plans. Or they can send him to the WEC like they are supposedly doing with Joe Riggs. Lytle has solid stand up but his ground skills are lacking. He'll never be a title contender but agains the right opponent he can look good.

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    Wow Couture, like Rogan said...I was hoping Randy wouldn't get hurt, and he ends up dominating. Amazing fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASUcruz View Post
    Well that was definitley one of the most impressive performances ever.

    Randy Couture Vs. Tim Sylvia

    No one gave Randy a chance in this fight, except Randy and Mike
    Fixed it for you. I've been called crazy so many times the past few weeks. Even after making bank on a bunch of my friends earlier this evening, I still have a lot of phone calls to make and people to give a big Ric Flair-like "Whoooooooooooo".

    I'm proud of Randy.

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    Randy owned that tall grease monkey. Talk about a glass jaw, it looked like that first punch dazed Sylvia for the rest of the fight. Plus having your left eye shut completely closed surely did Sylvia in for good. Couture showed a lot of heart, and in all honesty, no one at our house thought he would win. What a great under dog story for Randy.

    And anyone else saw that middle weight fight where the one dude was put to sleep. Usually i dont watch fighters i dont know but that dude was out cold. Sweet.

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    Ok card overall, the ending was sweet. The reality is if Cro Cop and Randy face off, we could see Randy leaving on a stretcher and I hope that doesn't happen.



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