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Strange that Hughes didn't do it once during Season 2, but he's pulling it out early this season. I'm a fairly religious guy, but I still think he's (practically) forcing the guys to read it, and I don't think anyone should ever push their religious beliefs on anyone else. Like when he walked over to Mac (I think) and started trying to make him feel guilty for not reading it.
Yea, I'm not sure if he was making Mac feel guilty. That was a 10 second clip of like an hour long thing. I can see how people can view that move of Hughes to be pushy, but I don't think he was being a dick about it.

I think it's pretty clear that he didn't really force anybody to read it. Hughes may be a bit of a prick but I think he's fair. If one of the guy's didn't read that passage I don't think Hughes would train them worse or differently. He doesn't seem like that type of guy. And of course Serra twists what happens and comments that Hughes is trying to make everyone a Christian which he clearly wasn't trying to do.

Mac Danzig is doing a blog for the OCregister as the episodes go on. Pretty good read, here are links to the first 2 entries.

Episode 1