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Thread: What Are U Listening To Right This Moment?

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    [ame=""]YouTube - The Gummy Bear Song - Russian Version[/ame]

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    2009 stereo remaster of:

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    [ame=""]YouTube - Muse - Unnatural Selection (with lyrics)[/ame]

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    Default First solo album in 20 years

    Hey iTunes...f'u for having a version of this with an exclusive track and not including this on your new releases email...

    Ace is back and I told you so!!!!!

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    It's very Philip Glass-y.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adgy-san View Post

    It's very Philip Glass-y.
    You mean it makes people want to stab themselves in the ear with an ice pick?

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    I've had the soundtrack for Fargo/Barton Fink sitting on my desk for the longest time and I've finally had the chance to listen to it two days ago.

    Don't like the Coens but I LOVE Carter Burwell.

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    That Candyman soundtrack RULES SO much.

    And I LOVE the first film. The sequels are pretty meh, but I know that they still used Glass's music for at least the second film, which is one of the film's saving grace. Well, that and Tony Todd who is wonderfully Shakespearean.
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    Such a fun mash-up. The Thing that should not Let It Be, I want to choke your band, and Everybody's got a ticket to ride except for me and my lightning... c'mon this is dumb fun.

    oh yeah, and



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