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Thread: What Are U Listening To Right This Moment?

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    Two more beautifully remastered reissues w/tons of extras, including a live DVD on the Live & Dangerous cd. Essential really...reminds me of the days of gatefold lps simply because of the beautiful liner notes.

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    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Massive Attack - Protection (Radiation For The Nation Mix) vinyl[/nomedia]

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    [nomedia=""]YouTube - The Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died[/nomedia]

    Wow...heard this song on the ride into work. NO song about horrible deaths and loss should be this catchy and up beat. I am gonna be singing this ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY!

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    [nomedia=""]YouTube - DEATH DEATH DIE - PUT YOUR BALLS ON IT[/nomedia]

    This is dumb fun too. Jason Ellis is pretty damned funny, sorry.

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    [nomedia=""]YouTube - The Haunted - Nothing Right[/nomedia]

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    Sorry, yet another well done reissue of a hard to find Lizzy cd. No band has ever made better use of the dual lead guitar. You youngens that love Iron Maiden...this is the wellspring from whence they came. And Lynott is a goddamned warrior poet!!!!!!!

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    one of my friends just told me about Elbow. So far, I'm liking them

    nothing groundbreaking, but there are a few solid songs on there
    Cornell Hockey - LETS GO RED!

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    Bought this Tuesday almost solely out of nostalgia. Have always loved Stevie Nicks and the whole leather lace feathers hippie deal. What can I say...I'm old. So, I figgered I bought it, let's take it for a spin. WOW. Her voice has dropped a register or two, but this is a well written/produced cd that features her great voice with some nice uncomplicated background vocals and really understated musicianship. And..oh yeah...GREAT SONGS. This has been getting some nice reviews, trust me...wel deserved. Even better with the incense/candles burning.



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