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Thread: What Are U Listening To Right This Moment?

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    Big week in the nu-ish metal/hard rock world..

    David Draiman(Disturbed) and one of the Filter guys...glorified solo album? So far. First impressions...he can sing, but relies too much on Disturbed repetetive motions.

    Yet another singer...doing pretty much the 'Let the bodies hit the floor' standard. Good for a few, but...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Like EVERY other Stone Sour cd...I SHOULD love. But just...not...getting...thru. Will listen 2 or 3 times and forget I own it.

    AND here we go. I went out and bought all the Volbeat stuff after the last cd...which was ROCKin. But the other ones...not so much. Not bad, yet more Tiger Army than Metallica. Unsettled me. This one, maybe I had a better idea what to expect. Really good songs. Variety of styles. I reserve the right to dig this inexcusably after a few more listens.

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    been listening to :wumpscut: all week...

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    Not a big fan of this band but thought I would borrow a CD from the library and see if I liked anything enough to download.

    "Heart Shaped Box" has always been an interesting song. And I always like "Rape Me."

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    the new Old Man Markley
    Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

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    Sorry boys and girls but I am going through a coutry jag right now. The Band Perry "Done"



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