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Thread: What Are U Listening To Right This Moment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fooferah View Post
    Well, I just thought maybe that influenced the playlist lol.

    Nope, it's just my taste in music. If anything, it makes it go quicker.

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    The Darkness - Permission to Land

    and of course....AUDIOSLAVE!!!!!!!!
    Cornell Hockey - LETS GO RED!

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    Song: Just Kissed My Baby

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    Now Playing on my carousel..

    Standing By --

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    Stand in the back of the room
    Say, "Man, why you teasin'?

    'Cause if you just made one stylish attempt,
    You'd be convincing"

    I'd just say 'Boy! where are you hiding?'
    I'd say, 'Boy. . .'

    Now you were the kid on my shoulders
    Just wait until we get older

    We held our tongues throughout it
    One day we'll laugh about it

    Hey Foof!!!! They're recording!!!!

    White Rabbits

    Sorry for the lack of news around these parts. We are busy at work on our next record after moving into our new rehearsal space. Lots of exciting news coming up

    *** CRAP ***

    They were in L.A. in May.. and I missed it.. Where the **** was I?
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