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Thread: What Are U Listening To Right This Moment?

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    it is growing on me..

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    Flat-out awesomeness.
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    featuring Jean Beauvoir, ex-Plasmatics/Little Steven...very poppy,upbeat rawk. Great production, and Little Steven has apparently signed them so expect to hear 'em on UNDERGROUND GARAGE on sirius/xm.

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    Ok I know these are supposed to be for your little ones to lay down their heads to...but...these are better than a cup o'sleepytime tea...It's like watching the Teletubbies w/a good buzz...
    [ame=""]YouTube - Teletubbies[/ame]

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    Pour Habit - Suiticide

    Someone just sent me this album from this group out of compton - a promo copy Fat Wreck mailed out.

    I really like it. It's like the united step-child of Ignite, Fury 66, early Sum 41 and a touch of Twisted By Design-era strung out guitars.

    thumbs up

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    My almost 2-yr old niece "singing" Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

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    On you can buy an honest-to-goodness 8-track cassette of the latest cd by one of the greatest ROCK bands of all time. Zander's voice has never sounded better, and if you are smart, Cheap Trick is doing a couple'a'nights of their TRIBUTE TO SGT PEPPER w/special guests in Vegas. You would be wise to go. I had the pleasure of seeing this show twice @ the Hollywood Bowl and cannot recommend it highly enough.

    a bunch of remixes and b-sides off of all the Ministry cd singles.
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    The new Sunn O))) album.

    It's pretty awesome.



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