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Thread: UCLA basketball OFFSEASON thread

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    He's going for a balance, but when you pick amongst the top prospects, you're inevitably going to see a lot of early departures. And those early departures really make it hard to keep depth at every position.

    But the overall talent level coming in this year and next is sick. I'd say that between the 9 commits, about half will be drafted someday, and about half of those in the lottery.

    To be able to follow a #1 recruiting class with another that will be top 5 (easily) is scary. Reaping the benefits of consistent success and reputation now...

    And what's ironic, it's those guys that don't go early or don't get drafted that will hopefully give us consistent depth while the Kevin Loves and Jrue Holidays and Tyler Honeycutts come and go.

    On a related note, it sounds like Renardo Sidney got an offer from USC. He's an NBA talent, in LA, and never seriously offered by UCLA. Sound familiar? I'll let you make your own conclusions (until an Outside the Lines report comes out).
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    As with Roenick, there are those of us who appreciate your posts on the subject.

    Thanks for the info!

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    Well, if you're into holding your breath, UCLA's last best target is Michael Snaer, senior SG for the 2009 class.

    After a 2008 class including Jrue Holiday, Malcolm Lee, and Jerime Anderson it's not surprising that prospects aren't climbing all over each other for the scraps of playing time they'd leave.

    If Howland misses on Snaer (quite possible), then it will be interesting what UCLA chooses to do. It'll be slim pickings, but given the projected team in 2009, they could really use another guard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolvie View Post

    On the heels of losing out to Arizona for 2009 PG Abdul Gaddy...

    On the heels of Lute Olson's impending retirement (despite having promised his recruits that he'd be there this season), Abdul Gaddy has been quoted as saying that this changes things. Gaddy's #2 choice was UCLA, and UCLA has been in contact recently.

    If Gaddy decides not to sign with Arizona and commits to UCLA, that is arguably the #1 recruiting class in the country for the second straight year.

    I have my fingers crossed. (Makes it hard to type this, by the way.)

    C Stover
    PF Lane
    PF Nelson
    SF Honeycutt
    SG Abdul Gaddy (?)
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    Given Arizona's replacement coach for Lute, it's a good bet that all of their players will decommit. It's particularly funny, because they took back a scholarship to another kid this year because they had too many elite guys willing to come. Oops.

    Also, a clarification. Abdul Gaddy is one of the two best POINT guards in the country in his class. I put him at SG simply because, as it stands, the future-Bruins are loaded with prospects that played POINT in high school. But what they really need going forward is someone to play the 2. Fortunately, several of those guys can play either guard spot easily.

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    Jesus. These two classes back to back is just pure filthy...

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    The latest on Gaddy is that it's between Washington and UCLA.

    Early thought was that UCLA was the shoo-in, because it was down to UCLA and Arizona before Gaddy recommitted to the Wildcats. (Note, Gaddy committed to Arizona, then decommitted when Lute waivered about returning, then recommitted to Arizona, then decommitted for good now that Lute is gone.)

    Washington jumped back into the mix because it's Gaddy's home state, and it sounds like he and his family are feeling a bit skittish about going out of state after this whole debacle. From what is known, if he decided today, it'd be Washington.

    Conventional wisdom is that if Gaddy waits and mulls it over, he'll remember why he almost chose UCLA the first time.


    Mike Moser, a very skilled wing, also decommitted from Arizona. He would also fit quite well into the UCLA recruiting class, as he can play 2 or 3. Skill guy who can play different roles (though not a great shooter at this stage). UCLA is going after him as well.

    Even though UCLA only planned to use 5 scholarships for 2009, it's conceivable that they'd use 6 (including one they aren't guaranteed to have, with the thought that Jrue Holiday is almost surely one-and-done). So UCLA will probably recruit both Wildcat would-be's and worry about the number of scholarships later. But that's highly speculative, as Howland has traditionally been very conservative with his scholarships (resulting in multiple seasons at UCLA without the maximum 13 scholarship players on the roster).
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    Gaddy committed... to the other guys.

    He's going to U-Dub. UCLA misses out on him a second time, and Howland made a trip up to Washington for nothing. Publicly, he stated that the whole Arizona thing seemed like a sign he should stay home. Sounds like Lute Olsen may have even told Gaddy to go to UW, which Lorenzo Romar owes him big for. I assume that playing time also had something to do with it. Gaddy is looking to play at the next level, and he will be THE guy at UW whereas he'd be fighting for playing time here. That's why it's hard to pull down back-to-back elite recruiting classes, and a big reason why we still don't have a guard for the 2009 class following the best guard class in the nation for 2008.

    Attention turns to Mike Moser, the other victim of the Arizona debacle. He may be a very nice fit given his Luc-like versatility. (That's Mbah-a-moute, not Robitaille.)

    And Michael Snaer is still out there, another possibility for a guard to round out the class.

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    I get lots of my info from (absolutely GREAT for college basketball, particularly UCLA, but not cheap).

    Greg Hicks is one of the main contributors. He is pretty much Yoda when it comes to West Coast prospects and UCLA recruits. Lately, he's been pretty sour on a number of things:

    He feels that Shipp and Collison are limiting the Bruins because Shipp still thinks he's an NBA-bound slasher/shooter and because the Bruins insist on using Collison as a point when he's really not a natural, instinctive point.

    He feels that Holiday is (already) the best player and best point guard on the team, but that he'll probably hold himself back because it's not "his" team, with Shipp and Collison both seniors looking for their shots. He seems to imply that this team will only go as far as Holiday will take it, and that it's not so much if he can but more if they let him.

    He feels that Keefe is less effective now (gained muscle, lost quickness), that Aboya still doesn't look like he can provide interior minutes (useless when he holds back, fouls when he doesn't), and that the freshmen centers aren't that close (Morgan isn't fit, Gordon works hard but isn't skilled).

    He also notes that in the preseason thus far, the defensive intensity hasn't been Howland-esque and he wonders if it's a lack of leadership on the floor (as provided by Afflalo and then Westbrook in prior years).

    Lastly, he wonders what could have been if Luc played the way he's playing now (in the NBA) during his last couple of years (injuries aside). It was pretty obvious that Mbah-a-Moute was pretty effective as a freshman but then changed "his game" and moved away from the rebounding/defense axis towards a more slashing/scoring emphasis.

    Meanwhile, on the recruiting front, Mike Moser took an official visit to UCLA.
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    Stay tuned if you're out there, Bruin fans.

    Mike Moser was reportedly very happy with his visit to UCLA. Sounds like his list is down to USC and UCLA, and UCLA is the favorite. The signing period ends Wednesday, and it sounds like he'll probably announce.

    Moser to UCLA would finish off a nice class. Probably not one that will make most top 5 lists, but one that fills out the roster nicely.

    If he commits to us, I'll post a scouting report. Heck, if I get bored later I'll post one.



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