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Thread: Do you even care about the Olympics?

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    With all the records going down in swimming I think they made the pool length a little short. It's only 49 meters.........let's start that rumor............

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    That was a pretty intense women's all-around last night!

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    That sounds kinky when you say it that way.

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    Phelps just equaled Spitz' record with an ultra-super-duper-photo finish. Wow, thas was CLOSE!!

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    ....and the Serbian coach is filing a protest, uhhh the timing devices don't lie.

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    Seriously? I also thought that Cavic finished before Phelps...could be my tired eyes though. Either way, Cavic messed up big time. He simply had to stretch out his fingers to win gold.

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    What a race by Torres, 41 years old and great sportsmanship shown before the race.

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    Michael Phelps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross Traffic View Post
    Didn't even think of that, since the last name seemed a bit odd for a Swede.

    Also NBC is lying to the folks in the mountain time zone when the "LIVE" tag is on screen, figured that out when Phelps was supposed to race at 8:48 MDT, and it wasn't shown until an hour later.
    They lie to us too! I especially hate it when Bob Costas keeps saying, "Oh this blah blah event went past midnight on the east coast."

    I say to the tv. "No s***! The pacific time zone people have the 3 hour tape delay because of you, NBC. We too, stayed up late to watch the final result. So stop talking about the East coast, and say most of America."
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    For those that want to see the attempt at #8 live (or as close to live as you are going to get) check out and



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