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Thread: Do you even care about the Olympics?

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    Default Do you even care about the Olympics?

    I'm not into the Summer games at all. I watch much more olympics when its the Winter games. The only game I'll probable watch is mens b-ball. Anybody else feel this way....

    Decent article from LA Times about this..

    The Olympics: Pro or con? - Los Angeles Times

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    I agree I like the Basketball and swimming. I like the excitement of the winter games...

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    I like the opening and losing ceremonies. Otherwise, I usually wait for the Winter Olympics.

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    Winter olympics for me.

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    I prefer the Winter Olympics by far, which I think will likely be the standard around these parts.

    But I won't say I have no interest in the Summer Olympics...

    ...actually, yeah I will. No, I'm not interested.

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    I am a much bigger fan of Winter Olympics too. Haven't really followed the Summer Games in a long time.

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    The only thing I care about in the summer Olympics is that my wife will watch the opening ceremonies which are boring as hell. Other than that, they will not be on in my house because THEY SUCK.

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    The answer is simple: No.

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    I'm only interested in the basketball because the ghoul in me kind of wants to see the meltdown if Team USA flops.

    Other than that I've always thought the Olympics were a complete crock... but I'll probably skim through and catch a few events out of a combination of boredom, idle curiosity and inebriation.

    USA! USA! USA!

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    I used to follow the Summer Games fairly closely but not near as close as the Winter Games. I guess I have lost some of the interest that I used to have in "The Games". I probably won't watch much of the olympics this year. I dislike basketball so I guess I'll find something else to watch or do during the games.

    I just want the **** hockey season to start. I am tiired of waiting. There are no distractions that will help now.



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