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  1. AC/DC calling it quits after 41 years
  2. Coachella Live Stream
  3. Brazil vs the Big Lebowski- Whats the better movie?
  4. Good read on Tom Lehrer
  5. Mickey Rooney, we hardly knew ye
  6. Volbeat tickets?
  7. Oderus Urungus...we hardly knew ye.
  8. Geoff Edwards...we hardly knew ye.
  9. Sean Avery on Dancing with the Stars...
  10. Paco de Lucia, We Hardly Knew Ye
  11. Roger Hill...we hardlyyyyyyyCANNNNNNNNNN YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU DIIIIIIIG IT!!!!!!
  12. Harold Ramis...we hardly knew ye.
  13. Bob Casale we hardly knew ya
  14. De La Soul is giving away albums for Valentine's Day
  15. Ralph Waite, who am I kidding, John Walton...we hardly knew ye.
  16. Sid Caesar...We Hardly Knew Ye
  17. Help Save the Psycho House
  18. Shirley Temple...we hardly knew ye...
  19. A Public Service Announcement
  20. Dear BOOK READERS...
  21. The list of Movies that TooCool has never seen.
  22. Arthur Rankin Jr. we hardly knew ye.
  23. Philip Seymour Hoffman, we hardly knew ye...
  24. Maximillian Schell...we hardly knew ye.
  25. Gordon Hessler...director of the GREATEST MOVIE EVER...we hardly knew ye.
  26. Dr Doolots...we hardly knew ye.
  27. Phil Everly , we hardly knew ye
  28. The Spoils of Babylon
  29. Stephen King Press-confrence
  30. Kickstarter Movie Campaigns
  31. LGK Reviews - Favorite albums of 2013
  32. Tom Waits on Austin City Limits from 1978
  33. All Things: The Top 10 of 2013
  34. Billy Jack...we hardly knew ye.
  35. Peter O'Toole, R.I.P.
  36. Thoughts on Roku??
  37. Concerts of 2k14 Thread
  38. Great Xmas Gift for the Music Lover in your Life
  39. All Things: David Lynch
  40. Paul Walker, We Hardly Knew You...
  41. Your Post Punk/New Wave 70's/80's Icons Now...
  42. Dana Gould
  43. Best youtube earthquake videos
  44. Introducing, from Japan: 9GOATS BLACK OUT
  45. For Mondo
  46. R.I.P. Best Buy...you are dead to me.
  47. All Things: Guitar related....I guess basses too
  48. Lou Reed, R.I.P.
  49. My music...not sure if this is appropriate to post, but what the hell.
  50. An Interview with Bill Watterson
  51. What...no South Park talk?
  52. R.I.P. Philip Chevron
  53. Tom Clancy...we hardly knew ye.
  54. New Russian Circles Single
  55. This Charming Charlie
  56. Sound System
  57. Cal Worthington...we hardly knew ye.
  58. Time Warner/CBS reach agreement
  59. All Things: We Hardly Knew Ye
  60. the Replacements Reunion Concert
  61. Gilbert Taylor… we hardly knew ye
  62. soooo where's the guitar players thread?
  63. The Book Quote Thread!
  64. Elmore Leonard...we hardly knew ye.
  65. Piano.
  66. All things: TV Ghost Documentary/**drama.
  67. Lisa Robin Kelly, we hardly knew ye...
  68. Allen Lanier...we hardly knew ye.
  69. Eydie Gorme, we hardly knew ye.
  70. Karen Black... We Hardly Knew Ye
  71. Lollapalooza Live Stream
  72. Michael Ansara...we hardly knew ye.
  73. Going to the Wiltern-any tips for Parking and PreShow Food/Drink?
  74. All Things: Animal Planet
  75. Upcoming shows!
  76. Slapshot on Blu-Ray October 15, 2013
  77. Dennis Farina...we hardly knew ye.
  78. New 'Snake and Mongoose' Trailer Released, Movie Airs September 6: Video
  79. All Things: David Fincher
  80. Dennis Farina, we hardly knew ye
  81. Awesome on so many levels....
  82. Pacific rim!!!!!! So see it!!!!!!!
  83. "NEW" Oldboy Red Band Trailer
  84. Jim Kelly...we hardly knew ye.
  85. Martial Arts master Lau Kar Leung... R.I.P.
  86. Richard Matheson...we hardly knew ye.
  87. Slim Whitman...we hardly knew ye...
  88. James Gandolfini, R.I.P.
  89. Comedy!
  90. My Friend Davis has made the cut....
  91. Historical Documentary DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix Recommendations
  92. All Things: BBCAmerica
  93. Sharon Jones diagnosed w/bile duct cancer
  94. Jean Stapleton...we hardly knew ye.
  95. The Act of Killing
  96. Steve Forest, we hardly knew you
  97. Trevor Bolder...we hardly knew ye.
  98. Help my friend Davis win the KROQ Locals Only Music Contest
  99. Ray Manzarek, R.I.P
  100. Alejandro Jodorowsky's First Film In 23 Years: The Dance Of Reality
  101. Johnny Marr on how he wrote Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
  102. Jack is back! 24.
  103. Joyce Brothers...We hardly knew ye.
  104. Adult Swim giving away a garage rock compilation
  105. RIP Ray Harryhausen
  106. The megalomaniacal overreach thread
  107. Jeff Hanneman...we hardly knew ye.
  108. Chris Kelly...we hardly knew ye.
  109. George Jones...we hardly knew ye...
  110. You will never make fun of Hee Haw again
  111. All Things:Sports Movies
  112. Gibson, or as I remember, Universal Amphitheater...we hardly knew ye.
  113. All Things: Boards of Canada
  114. Alan Arbus...we hardly knew ye.
  115. R.I.P. Rcihie Havens
  116. Marcel Vercoutere...we hardly knew ye.
  117. Punk...
  118. Richard LaParmentier...we hardly knew ye.
  119. Chi Cheng...we hardly knew ye.
  120. Cheapest Ticket to see the Stones.....$173 bucks.
  121. Jonathan Winters We Hardly Knew You
  122. Not official(yet), but here come the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!
  123. Musicians and Producers of LGK - Give us some links to your music!
  124. Andy Johns , We Hardly Knew Ye
  125. Annette Funicello, We Hardly Knew Ye
  126. Andy Johns...we hardly knew ye.
  127. Hey Salty Dog....I thought you might appreciate this
  128. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar
  129. Leno out; Fallon in as Tonight Show host
  130. Roger Ebert's cancer returns...
  131. Phil Ramone , we hardly knew ye
  132. Music Lesson for the Young Uns.....
  133. Richard Griffiths, We hardly knew ye
  134. Paul WIlliams CRAWDADDY founder we hardly knew ye
  135. Free streaming of 24 Kurosawa films on Hulu this weekend only
  136. Please Please Me turns 50 Years Old
  137. Happy 55th Birthday...Gary Oldman
  138. Harry Reems, We hardly knew ye...
  139. Peter Murphy Arrested
  140. Clive Burr...we hardly knew ye.
  141. Ultra Music Festival Live Stream
  142. Alvin Lee, We Hardly Knew You
  143. Paul Bearer...we hardly knew ye.
  144. Funny skit from Jay Mohrs podcast
  145. Bonnie Franklin...we hardly knew ye.
  146. Johnny Marr on reddit rightnow
  147. Attn: Joe Bonamassa Fans
  148. Please Identify This Painting
  149. 48 hidden images in "Black Swan"
  150. Stuart Freeborn, we hardly knew ye.
  151. You're all watching House of Cards on Netflix, right?
  152. Reg Presley, We hardly knew ya.
  153. Rock Candy Funk Party
  154. Finally re-did my stereo system in the man cave (aka Garage).
  155. All Things:SUPERBOWL commercials
  156. All Things The Following
  157. What Can You Tell Me About DirecTV?
  158. Taking the plunge- Going to my first Con (WonderCon) What should I expect
  159. All Things:FAMILY MOVIES
  160. Michael Winner...we hardly knew ye.
  161. This needs to be said...RE: Claire Forlani
  162. Conrad Bain, We Hardly Knew Ye
  163. Nick Cave is playing the Fonda Theater
  164. 100 Most Beautiful Songs
  165. Frank Page , We Hardly Knew Ye
  166. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre...no more
  167. 'Funky' Claude Nobs...we hardly knew ye.
  168. Long Vanity Fair article on the making of "The Blues Brothers"
  169. David Bowie New Single
  170. David R. Ellis we hardly knew ye...
  171. Huell Howser, We Hardly Knew Ya.
  172. John Woo + Drive Like Jehu = Awesomeness
  173. Oliver Stone
  174. Biggest Musical Non-Sellouts of All Time
  175. F it...it's late, but...NEW YEARS EVE/NEW YEARS DAY playlist!!!!!!
  176. Concerts Of 2k13 Thread
  177. Happy 90th Birthday Stan Lee!!!!
  178. Fontella Bass, R.I.P
  179. Gerry Anderson We Hardly Knew Ye :-((((((( RIP
  180. Charles Durning...we hardly knew ye.
  181. Jack Klugman, We Hardly Knew Ye
  182. Lee Dorman...we hardly knew ye.
  183. Mike Scaccia...we hardly knew ye.
  184. Biggest Musical Sellouts of All Time
  185. RIP Mother Ray
  186. All Things: The Top 10 of 2012
  187. Rocket From the Crypt announces tour dates
  188. RIP Dave Brubeck
  189. Alicia Keys Gummi Bears need a ruling
  190. Larry Hagman, We Hardley Knew Ya
  191. Anyone here is a "Movie Buff"?
  192. All Things: Deftones
  193. Pete Namlook, R.I.P.
  194. Nick Cave playing Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay in April
  195. Random Poems Thread
  196. The jerseydevil HOLIDAY Film Appreciation Game
  197. Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome
  198. Blazing Saddles TV Pilot
  199. Rocket from the Crypt reuniting in 2013?
  200. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
  201. Remember, remember the Fifth of November ....
  202. Anyone going to New Zealand?
  203. RIP Mitch Lucker, singer of Suicide Silence
  204. Random Media Picture Thread
  205. Duck Dynasty on A&E
  206. Russell Means...we hardly knew ye.
  207. Arrow and Revolution
  208. Bill Murray is still the coolest guy
  209. All Things:BIOPICS
  210. One of my fave scenes of all time:
  211. Dark Shadows
  212. Best...acting/death scene...ever...
  213. Harris Savides...we hardly knew ye.
  214. Sammi Kane Kraft we hardly knew ye...
  215. Weird images found on Google maps
  216. Book of Mormon
  217. All Things South Park Thread
  218. Big Jim Sullivan...we hardly knew ye.
  219. Amy Schumer
  220. Herbert Lom...we hardly knew ye.
  221. Stoker -- Chanwook Park/Nicole Kidman/Matthew Goode
  222. Happy 84th Birthday Mayor Adam West!!!!!!
  223. Mathew Perry: GO ON
  224. Interesting piece on "sock puppeting".............
  225. Michael Clarke Duncan...we hardly knew ye...
  226. Hal David . . .We Hardly Knew Ye . . .
  227. All Things:RADIO
  228. Roger Turntable AKA Rinkrat -->> Labor Day MIX!!
  229. Count Von Count...we hardly knew ye.
  230. Return of the Rocketeer?
  231. Phyllis Diller...we hardly knew ye
  232. Tony Scott, we hardly knew ye...
  234. Hazmat Modine
  235. All Things:TOM HARDY
  236. Harry Harrison...we hardly knew ye.
  237. Ron Palillo, we hardly knew ye...
  238. Hey jd/adgy
  239. Carlo Rambaldi...we hardly knew ye.
  240. The jerseydevil HORROR Film Appreciation Game
  241. Replace one word...with BACON!
  242. BFI's Sight & Sound Updates Greatest Films List!
  243. Do you realise that Sunday, Marilyn Monroe will have been dead for 50 YEARS ?
  244. Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) we hardly knew thee
  245. Gore Vidal, R.I.P.
  246. Gore Vidal...we hardly knew ye.
  247. The Artist Formerly Known As.....Snoop Dogg
  248. Tom Waits going on tour?
  249. Nick Cave - Lawless Trailer
  250. Songs that make your kitties hard