View Full Version : Lakers 2021-2022 Thread (Russell Westbrook Hero Ball Edition)

August 3rd, 2021, 04:54 PM
I stopped making posts early last season due to the lack of interest, but I'll start one last thread and see where it goes.

Free agency this week and the Lakers have remade the roster.

Players Returning

LeBron James
Anthony Davis
Marc Gasol
Talen Horton-Tucker

Superstar Joining the Team for Now Until He Asks for a Trade Yet Again

Russell Westbrook

Former Superstar Joining the Team Cause He's Chasing a Title

Carmelo Anthony

Former Lakers Coming Back

Dwight Howard
Trevor Ariza
Wayne Ellington
Kent Bazemore

New Free Agent Signings

Malik Monk
Kendrick Nunn

Players Bidding Adieu
Kyle Kuzma
Alex Caruso
Markieff Morris
Andre Drummond
Montrezl Harrell
Wesley Matthews
Alfonzo McKinnie
Ben McLemore

Roster is pretty full. There was some talk of bringing Danny Green back too, but I think not now. Dennis Schroder is still out there. Could be re-signed and kept or traded in a sign and trade.

The team is really old, but I do like the Monk and Nunn signings and I've always had a soft spot for Ellington because of what happened to his dad the first time he was with us.

I've read that the Lakers' luxury tax bill is going to be over $40 million. (Still paying $5 million to Luol Deng too.) When AEG sold its share of the team, the Lakers were valued at $5 billion, so the Buss family can afford it.