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Looked at wrestlemania tickets at SOFI for Day 1 on Saturday in April today on the presale. I don't know, $100+ fees for sitting 2 sections from the top doesn't work. Anywhere from $200 - $800 for bottom bowl and back floor,or what they call "platinum" in the 200s. and in the $1000s if you wanted anywhere near the ring or on floor. And that's without the insane fees on top. For reference a $150 ticket in sec 228 ended up being $212.50 per ticket after fees. For ONE day.

I don't need to pay almost a thousand dollars to take my boys and probably watch most of it on the jumbo tron anyway. Hard pass.
That's freaking crazy. It's really hard to justify paying that much for nosebleeds just to be there to "experience it" compared to paying like $5 on freaking Peacock.