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Thread: WWE RAW, Smackdown, & PPV Discussion Thread 2012 & 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucsdguy1 View Post

    My first negative take - show started at 4:45 per tickets. Staples didn't open until 3:45. Knowing they had to check vaccinations and negative tests that would take extra time they couldn't open earlier? By the time we arrived, waiting in line and got in, we barely had enough time to buy 2 replica belts and bolt to our seats (we got there at 3:30 and a crap ton of people already were in line).
    I remember even before the pandemic stuff, I always hated at how late the doors opened at Staples. It's like if you're not already in line hours before, you're going to miss some dark matches and have no time for food/drinks. =\

    Quote Originally Posted by ucsdguy1
    Oh and one other complaint - for the backstage segments the sound was awful in the arena. We could barely hear what any of the wrestlers were saying.
    I wonder if this was done intentionally because WWE does nothing but use piped in crowd noises now due to lack of reaction from the live crowd or the fact that it's not generally the reaction they want.

    Quote Originally Posted by ucscguy1
    Toni Storm/Charlotte - I disliked that it basically made Storm look like a chump, and half the place didn't understand how Flair got DQ'd. But the boys liked seeing Flair nonetheless, and at least I got to yell for Baszler once. The Xia Li entrance I think was made for TV, it was hard to see and I'd say only about 10% in the arena knew who she was.
    And now looking back at this post... you basically saw one of Toni Storm's "final matches" on WWE. She will be such a good addition to AEW in the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by ucsdguy1
    Nakamura/Boogs vs. Lotharios (I think?) - so this was 100% a highlight for us to see Boogs. My boys and I have pretty much been yelling "My name is Rick Booooooogs" around the house for the past 3 weeks. He looked good for the 2 minutes he was in the match, and Nakamura came in for a 2 second kinshasa to end it. Pointless match, but we got to see Boogs.
    I guess that's one positive to Boogs being on the main roster. Poor Nakamura though, he really deserves better. They keep talking about how the IC Title isn't as relevant as it used to be, or that The Miz always makes it credible. Yet whenever someone has it, they never make any use of it. It's insane.


    As for more releases including Regal. Man, all signs are pointing more and more to a WWE sale. Vince is probably going to take this money and run as he certainly isn't going to hand over the company to HHH, Steph, or even Shane.
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    So the boys want to watch Royal Rumble this weekend. I keep egging them on that Cody Rhodes will show up.

    My money is on them letting Bron Breakker show up and probably 2 or 3 other nxt folks I haven't heard of (I don't watch anymore). Obviously Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar both win as that's a guaranteed wrestlemania match. The only surprise would be if one of them somehow loses than joins the rumble and wins it (god i hope this doens't happen)

    Maybe Rousey. Maybe X-Pac? Maybe Bayley? Maybe Graves?

    I'm not really that interested other than looking forward to seeing what kind of stunts Johnny Knoxville will do. And hopefully some R Truth. And Rick Boogs.
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