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Thread: All Things AEW thread

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    Saraya is All Elite!!!!

    - Taz kept saying "She can go" so I guess that implies she is cleared to wrestle? If so, I'm absolutely happy for her. However, the women's division needs to change. Enough of this 1 match per show nonsense, and during the same 9:20-9:35 PM time slot. My only complaint is that it feels like Jamie Hayter's character regressed by aligning with Dr. Britt Baker yet again. I get that they did it so that Saraya could make the save. But come on now... everyone is waiting and wanting a mega face turn for Jamie already.

    - I'm so stoked that Tony Khan finally put the tag belts on The Acclaimed. Remember during the pandemic shows, when they were rapping to the empty arena at Daly's Place? I think we could all see the potential they got, as they clearly got the mic skills (especially Max Caster). To see the fans rally behind them so quickly, it's just amazing really.

    - Jericho winning the ROH title is fine by me. I mean I don't care much for ROH but if they're really going to have their own show, letting Jericho lead the charge as champ isn't a bad idea. (Or when Bryan Danielson wins it maybe) It adds to the story of how Daniel Garcia isn't happy about how Jericho still cheats to win. Now Claudio can move on to the AEW titles hopefully.

    - PAC vs OC was fun as usual. I think the finish was flat because I bet 99% of the audience didn't even see the hammer shot by PAC.

    - Lastly, having Mox win is okay. Feels repetitive at this point but I know both Bryan and Jon could carry AEW on their back anyway. And I get that if you're going to have MJF win the title, maybe having him beat Bryan isn't the way to go as you don't want Bryan to be a transitional champion. Moxley now gets to "erase" CM Punk by being a 3 time champ already, and it's a way to reward him for being the backbone of AEW despite all the backstage drama/politics.
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    So many thoughts on last night too

    - While I don't care much about ROH and Jericho now has #8 , I think it crushes Claudio's momentum immediately. Do we expect him to suddenly challenge for AEW titles when he just lost to Jericho, even in an underhanded way?

    - Moxley winning is fine, but I agree, only in the sense that it leads to MJF finding a way to beat him. I get it, he's carrying the company. But Danielson is totally capable, and has now lost out how many times? How many times can we believe him as a bad ass in BCC but can't get over the hump? I think you're right in that he shouldn't win it just to be a transitional champion. I only see it as Moxley is now the supreme one, and when MJF beats him he becomes the chosen one. Oh and the way Morrissey choked out Yuta? He looks like a monster. Morrissey/Yuta could be an awesome match.

    - PAC vs. OC: definite fun as usual, but similar thoughts - at what point does he actually win matches that matter? How can I take him seriously when he just appears to be a side show that can't win big matches? I love the guy but come on, give him some success. (I have very similar thoughts with darby allin, as I'm sure he and Sting will lose their match tomorrow night). With the trios championship couldn't they just have Pac do some of those matches for awhile. Which leads me to:

    - The Acclaimed: first off, it was insane how over they were with the crowd. Insane. To me that made the match. The match was really good, not A+ but great. but the crowd to me just made it that much better. When Bowens landed wrong with the apparent knee injury (which I couldn't tell at the time was a work or legit), the crowd just went totally flat with "ah **** they're not going to win after all." The kickout thereafter brought them right back in. And the pop for Billy Gunn getting involved, which I admit I marked out to, with the win was just awesome. It is nice to see a team who came up through the Dark ranks as nobodies now be tag team champs. Very surprised too to see Swerve and Lee getting booed vociferously. Even Lee seemed pretty stunned.

    - Women's match: good match. Anytime Baker bleeds it is must see. The Hayter thing doesn't make any sense other than to bring out Saraya, which negates months of storytelling. Saraya looked like she was happy to be there but not overly sure what to do once she came out. I get it, she's a draw. And I hope she's healthy enough to wrestle. But there are many others in the women's division surely who are worthy of a push too.

    - Taz on commentary during the tag team title match bringing up his matches with Bam Bam Bigelow and how hard it is to wrestle a huge guy with such agility. So brilliant.

    Other thoughts:
    - Where the hell is Wardlow?
    - How can you have a grand slam without the Lucha Bros in a significant match?
    - How can you have a grand slam without Danhausen?
    editor's note: both may show up on the 2 hour rampage so I reserve the right to take back

    So overall, matches were once again awesome. I struggle with wrestlers who are incredibly over and incredibly talented that just are not getting important wins (Acclaimed excluded).

    Final thought - CM Punk wasn't there and I didn't care. Omega/Page/Young Bucks weren't there and I did care.
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