U S A!!!

Wow, what a match. What a mess....Totally CONCACAF from beginning to end.

These young guys finally proved themselves! So much upside to this group.

McKennie was absolutely fantastic!!!
Horvath put on a show....LEGENDARY perfomance!
Pulisic bossed his way (took some guts) to that penalty. He was out to lunch in the first half, but showed up when it mattered.

Can we get excited again about USMNT?!?!?!

As for Mexico, and their fans....come on now fellas, it's 2021...time to stop disgracing yourselves with the chant and move on. It only makes you look bad every single time they have to announce it, and stop the match.
Throwing bottles and debris.....ugh! You got to be better than that.
FIFA will slap Mexica on the wrist for this, as usual.