Seriously, other NHL teams, pay attention to what the Kings are doing. They are building a prospect system like we've never seen.

Half of their strategy appears to be to cash in on the mistakes other teams make and just take the high probability stars/nhlers that fall right to them. And it works!

What’s crazy to me is they aren’t even doing it by trading and blowing up their current roster. They’ve just been making use of every single pick they have

Patience. Patience Patience Patience. As Kings fans we waited our entire lives to see them win a Cup. Then they won two. I love that they aren’t rushing to try to make that happen again. Built a winning team they the draft before and they’ll do it again…however long it takes.

They still have Quickie, Doughty, Kopitar, and D Brown producing while having building this insane prospect pool. It’s getting a little unbelievable