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Thread: WTS: LAK @ EDM - High Event Commenting

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    Default WTS: LAK @ EDM - High Event Commenting

    I should have known this was going to be rough when the HF Boards Pre Game Thread went 25 pages and the GDT went over 2200 comments. I'll get to the HF Post Game and Reddit tomorrow (well, later today). Enjoy!

    Pre Game
    Can we not get prime Quick please?

    I've already got PTSD of the Oilers blowing game 1 a la SJ, Chicago and Winnipeg
    lets do the opposite of that this year
    Oil in 6

    I cant wait for McDavid to get a penalty when hes wearing Danault as a back pack.
    Ref will think hes playing with 2 sticks.
    ?Well, of course. According to the State of California NHL Referee Guide, fouls against McDavid are not only permitted but also highly encouraged. Conversely, an Oiler player that inadvertently breathes on a King player goes immediately to the box.

    LA is full of glass bangers.

    Woodcroft needs to have the team prepared for a Kings trap with tons of obstruction coming and Smith needs to finally give us a series where he's the best goalie on the ice.

    I'm not worried about the players in black and white, but the refs in black and white will be the difference in the series.

    theres no reason why the Oilers shouldn?t win this match up. If they can?t win this one, they cant win any match up.

    Honestly we need more fans who chant "REF YOU SUCK". It seems that other cities do this more than Edmonton, which is surprising given our obvious lack of calls. Coaches and players can be penalized for throwing shade on refs, but fans can't.

    Until these Oilers prove they can win, I am not sold. Nurse injury, California "officiating", and Smith often losing his game in the playoffs the last couple years have me uncomfortable regardless of opponent.

    Smith vs. Quick.
    Who will prevail?
    ?This has got to be close to the oldest goalie battle in playoff history.

    Smith doesn't need to be better than Quick but he does need to not lose the series on his own.

    Even if Nurse and Smith don't play, we still beat LA handily.
    I'm not overly cocky. If we are facing Calgary or Minny or a team like that that actually showed to be a problem systemically, my expectations will be way more balanced. But even then, I believe they could rise to the occasion and beat those teams who they've had trouble with in the past. LA isn't close to that.

    We should be able to beat LA for sure, we are the better team but if it goes wrong it will be because of tending.

    I hate to beat this drum all over the forum but this is probably the most appropriate thread for it:
    If you really bleed copper & blue take a minute to stand up against the evil Rogers media monopoly and demand that the most exciting regional broadcast team in the NHL be allowed to call Oilers playoff games!
    They?re going to bring in milquetoast Calgary broadcasters to bore you with the details of how Johnny hobbit heroically overcame his toenail fungus to lead the flames in +/-.
    Jack brings Cup Final intensity to Timbits preseason. Sign the petition and get him back on the air:

    It's about $360-$400 for nose bleed section tickets. Definitely affordable if you don't mind the crummy seats.
    ?Cheaper to fly to LA and watch games 3 and 4.
    ?My couch is very cost effective.

    We win this, beat the flames and then plow through to the end to fulfill our destiny
    The hockey gods can no longer deny McJesus

    man sucks they're all 8pm games?
    ?How is Ben supposed to come if all the games start at 8pm
    ?8:00 start time. Oh well. Maybe the wife will let me have whiskey Monday night lol.
    ?Any strategies for getting long naps at work?
    ?If you work for the government it should be easy.

    Would be nice to see the city embrace the playoff run the way it did in 2017 and of course 2006. Pretty electric back then for sure.
    ?But without the bonfires in the middle of the street, and the broken store windows and vehicle damage, right?

    I would be surprised if Edmonton loses here. It's the Oilers though so who knows
    ?It's the only California team in the play-offs. We won't just be playing the Kings.

    Anyone who thinks Brown won?t try to knee on knee McDavid, just because it?s Browns last season, needs to give their head a shake.

    Oilers come out ripping and just slaughter the Queens tonight, probably 5-0 or something close

    We all know Bettman and his caveman cronies are going to push the refs to let all kinds of infractions go, our players will have to fight for scoring area space.

    Get ready for Cali reffing. I think this is a huge game. We fall behind and it?s an uphill battle. Let?s win this first game.

    You know playoff hockey is among us when you have diarrhea 3 times in a day from nerves
    ?No, that?s just you.
    ?Feel better yo, get some immodium, works well.

    If we win this game, we win the cup;

    Kozari reffing....ugh
    ?Its totally rigged for sure if it's kozari.
    ?That brazen Hollywood fix. Ugh is right
    ?God why Kozari the guy has personal vendetta against Connor from when he told to take that one upstairs still. Should this not be addressed by the league? Also the same guy that screwed us in 2017 against the Ducks.
    ?This league is seriously fixed. f*** off Batman
    ?Yeah either the vast majority of officials are bad or they are following a mandate from the league. I love hockey, but its hard not to feel like the league gets in its own way too much.
    ? LA will be allowed to do what they want, and Kozari will call us for the same thing. Hard to play 5v5 when your opposition can hold, puck and interfere with impunity and the moment you look at them wrong, you get sent to the box.
    ?I genuinely wonder what's the tought process there. Is this Bettman saying:
    "McDavid, keep your f***ing mouth shut about the refs, you don't control them"
    Or is there really an impetus to make Kings progress.

    Why is Kozari reffing our series?
    ?Because the NHL wants to do everything the can to make sure Hollywood makes the 2nd round.
    ?1st rule of NHL,
    if it didn?t happen in Toronto, it didn?t happen.
    out here in the hinterland Gary and the tall foreheads don?t give a flying f*** what we think.

    If McDavid can get the refs to give him a call early tonight it'll buy him so much room. Refs have been calling **** all night, let's see if it's a league mandate for the first round.

    Can we start a petition to ban Steve Dangle?
    I think we all know why.
    He is annoying.

    Like how PP?s getting tossed around in the Toronto game. Knowing we won?t get any in Edmonton game.

    Danault will prove to be very overrated soon.

    People sure are talking about matchups a lot considering I don't think Todd McLellan knows what that word is.

    Clenching initiated

    Edmonton crowd singing the anthem never fails to give me goosebumps
    ?They better not pay him for two songs!

    Kings have sequins on their jersey?s. Hollywood sucks!
    ?Bunch of narcissistic Tik Tok idiots!

    Everybody: Danault is gonna own McDavid
    Todd McLellan: Starts Kopitar

    Yamamoto ready to battle.
    Edit: damn thought they both were going
    ?And the Cali screwjob begins.
    ?Well that was kinda a penalty

    Cali refs, love it
    ?So Playoff officiating only going to apply to us tonight.

    Yeah we losing this game.

    I hope archibald takes danault out
    ?Then you?ll have to wait for a different game.

    Really dislike Kempe
    ?f*** off Kopitar

    7-0 shots gross

    Oilers looking garbage but thank god for Smith
    ?Thank god Smitty is on. We being dragged into a fight and not focusing on our game.
    ?All part of the plan, letting the Kings tire themselves out running all over the ice....

    I?m going to start smoking again?
    ?I definately picked the wrong week to quit smoking
    ?I picked the wrong weak to quit sniffing glue.

    HOLY f***!!!! A PENALTY FOR MCDAVID??!?!?!
    What is this heresy!
    ?I'm loving the crowd! Certainly helped draw that call

    McDavid is going to be mauled, manhandled, accosted, maimed and mugged all series long... the rest of the team is going to have to really step up because he's going to be neutralized with the way they are going to hang off him.
    ?Luckily we still have Dave Semenko to give him some working room.

    Ugh. Quick being Quick

    ?Always with the **** goals
    ?That?s a **** goal?
    wide open in the slot, top shelf.

    Nurse looking like Nurse.
    I wish that was a compliment.

    So AA is a 2 way player now? Interesting

    Everyone take a breath. Lots of game left.
    ?Kings are dominating. They are playing their game quite easily right now.

    Yeah not worried. Too much talent to not find the back of the net a few times.
    ?Didn?t we say that last year?
    ?And the year before that?

    Could you imagine if the new building had decent ice? All the amazing passes and skating speed McDavid and Draisaitl could make?
    ?It was literally voted by the players as second best ice as the league.
    ?They also said the same thing about Rexall when it was ****.
    ?Maybe it?s only **** to us cause we complain about everything.

    McLeod is an expert at not finishing.

    Another defensive trap team with a hot goalie. Sigh
    ?Frustrates you, frustrates the players, sounds like a winning strategy.

    f***ing Quick. Anyone saying he was washed up is wrong.

    Well there's 2. Probably time to turn this off
    ?And that's game
    ?What a disaaster
    ?Barrie is absolutely brain dead
    ?Absolutely pathetic. No words
    ?Yep, team is still dog **** in the playoffs.
    ?Oops. Do the Oilers still have a chance at the draft lottery?
    ?Momentum absolutely taken out back and shot in the head. Ffs Barrie
    ?Maybe we can win one playoff game this time. I would be happy with that lol
    ?Just remember, most of this defense is here next year.

    We?re not generating any speed. Kings are. Everything we try to do is met with interference and holding. Need to pay back in kind.

    Wtf is Smith doing. I swear he turns into a sieve as soon as the playoffs start.

    What the f*** how's that not a penalty. Why do the Oilers get different officiating from every other team.

    2014 Quick showed up
    ?Playoff Oilers showed up.
    ?Quick is on of course
    ?Smith can't save **** and quick in God mode typical oilers saga.
    ?Oh good, Quick is in the zone?lol
    ?2012 Quick is here.
    ?Gonna get massively outgoaltended again all series.

    Smith with 14 saves and we?re still getting **** pumped
    Edit: OMG Quick and that split save. Good god. He?s beautiful. f*** it?s upsetting to see us not get one past him.

    Cool we can hit. But that's about all.

    When you in close like that and the goalie is clip his head!
    I would be such a liability

    Someone tell Draisaitl LAK is actually Anaheim.

    Can we get a do-over and play Vegas?
    Struggling against the Kings speed. Quick looks dialled in.

    McJESUS SAVE US!!!!!!
    ?Hopefully that?ll shut up some of the Chicken Littles. Glad the team isn?t as soft and defeatist as some of the posters.

    I need to go have a smoke
    ?I need to take up smoking
    ?I am strapped with nicotine mints

    I asked Leah for quick intermission Sex. She said no
    I?m with you guys for the duration now!!
    ?You asked permission for sex? You aint gonna make it when Putin nukes us and we go back to caveman times.
    ?He?s not a rapist.
    ?Shooters shoot. I respect the hustle.
    ?You should go back and tell her you only need a commercial break.
    ?Lmao sadly. Not too far off
    ?Would Putin really nuke us? We're kind of a joke of a country at the moment

    I think playoff Ceci might still suck.

    Shut up Todd. He so tripped him.
    ?gotta admit that was a weak call

    f*** you Quick!
    ?The Oilers don't need to beat the Kings. They just need to beat Quick.
    ?Quick isn?t human in playoffs
    ?That was vintage Quick. But it?s fine. He can?t get em all.

    Wooooo!!! I told y?all Quick can?t get em all!!! And Kieth is on his f***in game! This is why we got him. What a look, what a pass!!!

    Bold prediction: Quick is getting old and tired, watch him suck wind as the game goes on....

    Jesus f***ing christ
    ?Are you kidding me
    ?Come on Smitty, f***
    Bad smith
    Nice timing.
    ?Pull Smith god dammit.
    ?Relying on Smith is going to be a mistake. Once again.
    ?We?re fine in the playoffs unless Smith ****s the bed??
    ?Smith is 40

    missed call ends up in our net.
    Tale as old as time.

    What an atrocious call

    The Kings are getting acclimated to steer wrestling and getting away with it

    McLellan has yelled at the officials more tonight than he did in 3+ years here.

    I guess mauling is allowed?

    Glad we got rid of Todd what a WHINER!

    heheh who leaves a 55 goal scorer alone infront of the net
    ?That broken stick had to distract Quick. Almost killed that play for us though.
    ?that broken stick MADE the play.

    Overall Smith has been great imo
    We have to blame the D breakdowns at some point
    ?Smith makes every save a work of art. Not good art, mind you?
    ?Art is in the eye of the beholder, they say. He looks like Picasso crapped a Norman Rockwell, to me at least.

    Haha refs calling ****!! Let's get the lead here!!!
    ?Imagine if our series last year was reffed like this lmao.
    ?Can't say we aren't getting the calls.
    A lot more PPs than what I was expecting.
    ?If they actually call penalties... Kings are f***ed
    ?We're actually getting calls what is going on
    ?Can?t be upset with the reffing tonight.
    ?Team is getting the calls. No one should be complaining about the refs tonight. Oilers failing to convert is kinda sad though.

    ?Stay in the f***ing crease man
    ?Still hate Smith.
    ?Smith is not as good of a puckhandler as he thinks.

    This is simultaneously the best and worst playoff game I've seen

    Let?s try not to complain about ?California reffing? in games 3 and 4 after this one, okay fellas?

    Thats not a f***ing penalty

    They've been making decent calls and we feel like we won the california lottery

    I am like 8 drinks deep and I am having so much f***en fun watching our boys now.
    My hot girlfriend is naked and in the bath right now and I could not care less.
    f***!!! I MISS PLAY OFF HOCKEY!!!!
    ?Pics of the g/f will guarantee a win tonight.
    ?Well, it is the intermission, so hopefully you capitalized there?

    Kassian needs to bobby clarke Quicker

    RNH is anti clutch

    Gotta admit the refs have been on our corner tonight.
    ?There?s still a period to go, but I?ve been saying Kozari has been decent for us for a while now.

    Off topic and may be frowned upon but I manage to convince my gf to give me a hj if the oilers win tonight. You know, to make my night PERFECT.
    Let's f'en go boys woooo!!!
    ?And if we lose?
    ?Bro I'm handsome and charming
    I never lose

    Lol the mains board thread is an abortion to read
    ?My brother is giving me Reddit discussion updates, lots are saying the fix is in (for the Oilers.)
    1) Bettman is mad at LA for eliminating Vegas
    2) Gotta keep McDavid in the playoffs
    ?2nd point is the most hilarious, considering they haven't tried to do that before. The opposite, really

    How much clenching is going to happen in this period?
    ?By the Kings or my sphincter?

    Adventures in goaltending
    The Mike Smith story.

    Every time Mcdavid misses on a breakaway he was probably slashed

    Big surprise we were going to get ref f***ed this period.

    Trevor Moore playing like a damn superstar

    That's some numerology type **** right there.
    3-3, period 3 shots 33 a piece.
    ?Illuminati confirmed

    I don't see how this team wins in OT with Smith. The longer it goes the more painful it becomes.

    Man if I clench any harder I?ll be ****ting blood for a week.

    Please don't Oiler it

    You f***ing moron Smith!!!!
    ?Ah Mike Smith lolz
    ?Start Koskinen next game.
    ?I'm done with Smith for real
    ?Yup, f*** off Smith
    ?You absolute idiot.
    ?There it is. f***ing never learns
    ?Live by the Smith. Die by the Smith.
    ?Long, wet fart noise.
    ?I cannot express how much I f***ng hate this guy.

    That?s a series back breaking goal if that?s the game winning goal.

    Refs owe us another pp for the atrocious one they called against us earlier

    Quick BY. FAR. the better goalie tonight.

    6 on 5 oh this should be interesting
    ?Yeah i wonder which king scores.

    Do we have to trade one of McDrai to get a goalie? I don't get it.
    I don't care what it would cost us, we need to trade everything for one.

    We again, have the lesser goalie in the series. It?s far from over fair but winners of game 1 have won 70% of all playoff series. So it?s less than ideal.
    ?Well f*** that. Season is over

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    The Oilers fanbase is so shell shocked and I am ALL here for it.

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    Wow, what a bunch of whiners. Even before the game started they were complaining about the refs. You'd think a team that was given 4 1st overall picks in 6 years wouldn't think the league was out to get them.

    It's the only California team in the play-offs. We won't just be playing the Kings.
    That's hilarious. They clearly don't know California. Nobody hates LA more than other Californians outside of LA.

    Trevor Moore playing like a damn superstar
    Super Duper Star. And that's Thousand Oaks Native Trevor Moore to you.

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    CA reffing? Seriously. Babies. There were 2 or 3 calls against the Kings that were questionable.

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    How anyone on the Oilers side could complain about the refs in that game is beyond me.

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    What a bunch of crybabies with all the dives and embellishment that their stars were doing. Drai should try out for the German diving team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Tran View Post
    Wow, what a bunch of whiners. Even before the game started they were complaining about the refs. You'd think a team that was given 4 1st overall picks in 6 years wouldn't think the league was out to get them.
    I think all those high picks with little to show for it has turned them into deluded paranoids.

    The person who thinks the ice in Edmonton is stifling McDavid is mentally gone and isn’t coming back.

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    Their fans are so conditioned to think that anytime an Oiler gets checked or falls down, it should be a penalty.

    Draisaitl and McJesus has mastered the art of grabbing your stick and falling to make it look like you hooked them. It's crazy.

    So yeah, we won in spite of the refs and their phantom calls. I know they'll just look at the box score and say "bUt bOTh siDeS haD 4 PPS!!!!!" The bottom line is that the only reason the Oilers had 4 was because 2 of them were phantom calls.
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    LGK is the only place for real die-hard fans. If you're not here, you're not a die-hard. That's how I see it!

    Rink Dawg

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    Reading through that thread, they are perhaps the most Schizophrenic fanbase I've seen in a while.

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    If the teams were reflected by the fan base.... Wow

    Gonna go back through our gdt and see if we that bad


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