Yahoo 7/18 Update - Kings Sign Dvorak, Reign Ink Ingham


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Jul 28, 2004

Happy Tuesday, Insiders! I have been away for the last week, taking a much-needed vacation after a long season without a ton of time away. Nothing like a quick trip to Hawaii to recharge the batteries a bit. In that time, though, I did miss a bit of news in our LA Kings landscape. A PLD story from the airport in and Jack's story on Alex Laferriere, edited in the airport out, kept the lights running but we've got a couple of contracts to report, with some insight below. First things first, from a few days back, the Kings have signed defenseman Jakub Dvorak to a three-year, entry-level contract, with an AAV of $900,000. Dvorak was selected by the Kings during the second round of the 2023 NHL Draft

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