A reason to temporarily hate the Knights slightly less


I was in the pool!!
Apr 5, 2002
Because Ben Hutton is on the team. I don't know how many of you knew this, but I found it hilarious.

Since entering the league in October 2016, Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk has been a known agitator on the ice. From his physical forecheck to front-net presence, he's established himself as one of the best players in the league at getting under an opponent's skin — including the Kings veteran defenseman, Drew Doughty.On The Athletic's "Point Breakaway" podcast, the Kings' Ben Hutton discussed the team's 2019 Secret Santa exchange in which he poked fun at Doughty.

In the holiday spirit, a time when people put their differences aside, Hutton asked Tkachuk if he would sign a hockey stick for Doughty, two longtime nemeses. The Flames winger, of course, loved the idea.

"I got our trainers to do it," Hutton said on the podcast. "We were flying to Calgary [in early December] when we were doing it [the Secret Santa gift exchange], so it just clicked in my head. I asked our trainers, and once they told Chucky who it was for, he was all for it."

Hutton's revelation would be news for Doughty, who was never able to crack anybody on the team to cough up the name of who gifted him a hockey stick from his rival.

"I might be ruining it saying this because he [Doughty] still doesn't know it's me," Hutton said. "It was signed by him and everything. I wrote a little message on it. He [Doughty] was going around the locker room trying to figure out who it was.

"None of the boys were snitching on me so that was pretty good."
i loved that story :) still hate the knights though .. haha
hmm. I was going to post a gif of when Herb Brooks received a "gift" from the boys in the movie Miracle at xmas but since the recent developments in the world and the lineage of the OP, i stopped short.

Would it take several strains of abstract to connect those dots? yes. But...being sensitive is my jam.

Going to argue: Doughty did know and Ben was sent packing because of gift (it's a lesser joke but here we are) and not is plus/minus numbers.

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