***Anaheim Ducks vs. LA Kings GDT 11/30/21 7:30pm on BSW***

Hopefully your cousin will be fine. Were these new implants or did she have the implants for a while?

They were about 25 years old, got them right after she had her last child. And it's easy for me to remember...my wife got them the next year, then my sister, then my other cousin...our family had more Silicon in their chests than all of Santa Clara's electronics combined.

But yeah, she's fine...in fact, more than fine. The nurse gave her Vicodin, but she said it wasn't strong enough, so her doctor wrote her a script for some Oxycodone. She's is currently circling the moon as I type this.

My first Kings game in three years...lower bowl near center ice...and my hopes were dashed by some leaky Silicone. Not surprising her doctor is from Anaheim. Bastard.:shocked:
I'm stoked Drew is back. I'll go with 2, 3, 4 defensive points.
Thank you, Susan et al!

In the stats section above, only 3 Kings players have double digit points so far while all 10 of the Ducks players listed have racked up double digit points. Kinda sad that this lack of scoring crap goes on year after year.

Thanks, Nyssa!!!

1, 3, 4

Go Kings Go!!!
Thanks for the most awsomest GDT's in LA Kings history!!

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