***Arizona Coyotes vs. Los Angeles Kings GDT 10/5/21 7:30pm on BSW***

As much as I want to praise the Kings for cutting through to the net, you need to give credit to the Yotes defense for basically escorting them to the net.. lol
I wouldn’t want to be making the decision about Byfield. He certainly has the skills to be with the team but maybe one year in Ontario would benefit him.
Welp, Quickie is in mid-season form
Not a bad period notwithstanding that terrible bounce.

But I don.t see much chemistry on the top line yet. Kopi looks rusty.
It feels like everyone is skating at about 75% pace. And the Yotes are terrible.
As much as I hate the cheatin’ Red Sox, I loathe the Yankees more. Thank you, Boston!
The linesman injured his leg, apparently. Not a heart issue, at least
His 2 turnovers led to the Phoenix goal. So far he punching his ticket to Ontario.

I hope you're right. But given this management, they play favorites.
Arvidsson cuts to the net, that's a good sign
Wagner needs to be shooting at a soccer net to have a chance at being an offensive threat
Oooo eating at your seat is a bonus this year. Happy I have no aspirations of going to a game watching from CO.
Blake Lizotte can’t be happy watching Byfield put a strangle hold on the 4C position.
At least the Kings are getting lots of PP practice. Kempe seems to be stepping it up a notch. He's got a zip in his stride
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