Brendan Leipsic, the new Avery?

Dr. Tran

Nov 11, 2003
Or maybe worse. He was caught on a group chat saying a lot of shi++y things. There were around 4 or 5 of them, including his brother, but he seemed to be the prime instigator. They basically insulted a bunch of women?s looks & weight or else talked about having sex with them. He also insulted a bunch of current & former teammates & other players & their wives/gf?s. Among those they insulted were Nic Dowd, Jake Virtanen, Tanner Pearson?s wife, & Connor McDavid?s girlfriend. I?ve kept it clean but they were really disgusting & misogynistic.

As a result of this the league condemned him & the Caps said they?d handle it internally but nothing?s happened to him so far. But he?s a RFA at the end of this season so good luck in getting a qualifying offer. He did issue an ?apology? where he said sorry for his words that may have been offensive but also his friend?s account was hacked. Also his brother got kicked off his college hockey team. And no, the problem is what they said, not that they got caught.

Here?s an article on this story

And here?s a video showing all the comments that were made.
Could this be part of the reason Lipstick has been with 5 teams in 4 years???

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