***Calgary Flames vs. LA Kings GDT 12/2/21 7:30pm on BSW***

Video tribute for Lewis would be nice. Esp. the steal in Vancouver & the goal on Gibson.
I think they have turned a corner and with DD back, more W's are coming. (I'm drinking right now so...:wine:)

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welp, i have a jersey bet with one of my cousins ... hes a die hard flames fan ... so If he loses he has to wear my kings jersey for the day and vice versa ... tonight im praying .. haha
Thanks Nyssa for the thread.

I’m gigging tonight so I’ll have to use iHeart after 9:30. say hi to Sutter for me. Haha

3, 5, 6. Go Kings!
I'm going with 5, 8 or 11 points for the forwards.

I'll be at the game....I'll try not to lock the thread tonight.

Thanks Susan!!!!!

Welcome back Lewis! Richarson! And I guess to a certain extent... Lucic.

My GDT Guesses will be..... 3, 6, 10.
Lol...the Flames starting line is the Former Kings
I feel like that line's gonna come back to haunt us. Lucic with a goal, assist.
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