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Jul 28, 2004

There’s no real long intro needed here. Wednesday night brought perhaps the most embarrassing loss of the Kings current slump. It was a night they needed to win and a game they should have won. Not only because they were facing a team who played 24 hours earlier in Anaheim, nor the fact Buffalo is a lesser team (at least on paper). Quite simply, LA should have played with more heart and passion against the Sabres, especially after LA had lost their last contest to one of the worst teams in the league just two nights earlier.

And all of this is during a stretch where the Kings have managed just two wins in their past 14 games (2-7-5), leading to the GM and coach being constantly peppered with serious questions about a possible shake-up.

Then came the following comments from Drew Doughty. Never one to shy away from letting people know his true feelings, the veteran defenseman let it all be known following the game.

Doughty on what has to change with the Kings:

I think we have guys in this room who are too worried about themselves and worried about their points, and worried about stuff like that. We get a 3-1 lead tonight, and guys start thinking it’s a cookie night and we stop playing the way we know how to play; have an awful second period and then aren’t much better in the third. It’s about the team, it’s not about yourself. A lot of guys on this team need to realize that.

On if this felt like the bottoming out of this slump:

Honestly, it’s felt like the bottom-out for a while now. It’s frustrating not getting these wins. We’re trying to stay positive. We’re trying to get back to having fun out there and play our game, but it’s hard to do that when you’re on a streak like this. This has been a struggle for us, and the only way we’re going to get out of it is if we get everybody’s 100% effort, and everyone playing for the team and for each other.

On the coaching staff and their role in all of this:

It’s not about the coaching staff, it’s about the players. I think the coaches on our team have done a great job. They always inform us about every single situation possible. They prepare us perfectly, it’s not about them. It’s all about the players in here. No matter what they do, if we don’t perform on the ice, we ain’t going to get wins. We all know that in here. If anyone’s questioning that, that’s probably why we’re losing games, if people are questioning that.

On if every game feels like must-win right now:

Definitely. It’s felt like that for a good, whatever, week to two weeks. I don’t know what else to say. We’re down at the bottom. We continually are saying it’s a must-win game, must-win game. And we’re not getting the job done. It’s frustrating and it needs to turn around right now or else we’re completely screwed. If you want to win one game, lose one game, and keep rolling like that, we’re gonna barely squeak into the playoffs, and we’re going to do no damage in the playoffs. So we need to wake up now.

On what the other guys in the room are saying when he shares these type of thoughts with the team:

There’s not too much; when one guy is kind of going off on the team, there’s not too much feedback within the room. You’re just kind of saying what you think from past experiences, from what other people have said in the past. We have lots of guys that’ll speak up in here. I think that it’s not a leadership problem. It’s just some guys’ personal problems.

On if he’s saying he ‘went off’ on the team tonight after the game:

It’s happened quite a few times over the past couple weeks. We’ve had other guys do it too. Sometimes, when you talk a lot like me, it’s hard to get through to guys, but I still try to do my best.

More on the veteran players speaking up:

There are tons of guys who have talked in here. Bottom line, we feel that every single player on this team needs to give their 100% effort. You’re not going to have your best stuff every night. But, if we all give our 100% effort, we’re a good enough team and if we play together, we’re going to win games. You don’t need one player to be the best player on the ice every single night. That’s not the way we win games. We win games as a team, collectively, and playing for the team.

On if there is a wide-spread ‘lack of buy-in’ or if that is only a few players:

I would not say it’s a large chunk. I’m not trying to single out any players to you guys right now either. If we have everybody on the same page, we’re going to win hockey games and we’re going to win a lot of them. And, right now, we’re not all on the same page.

Doughty raw postgame audio

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Doughty raw audio PT2

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Anze Kopitar postgame on Wednesday:


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