Get well soon Jimmy!


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Arf Arf
Looks like Jim Fox had some surgery. Hoping for a speedy recovery!
Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 5.59.26 PM.png

Perhaps we can have a whip round and buy him a new dress too.
Looks like he needs one...badly.

Of course, I'm only kidding. Get well soon, Mr. Fox!!
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Probably should have photoshopped the catheter bag out of that picture. TMI :mhihi:

Speedy recovery Foxy!
Foxy was a joy to watch and he is also easy to talk to today dannybouy1,especially when he took the puck away from Gretzky in the Miracle on Manchester game on April 10,1982 that led to (I maybe wrong) the 3rd goal of the Kings comeback.
Still remember hurting his knee in Boston. I know many of you do not remember him playing, but he was such a joy to watch.
I remember when he scored a goal (against the Jets?) which was a rocket right into the middle of the net. It came out so fast the ref didn't see it and the goal didn't count (pre-replay days). I'm still a little bitter about it.

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