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Aug 20, 2009
So - once again - the sound on BALLY'S Kings broadcast is a joke - arena sound way too high - it drowns out Alex & Jim (some might think that's a good thing)

Decided to sync the TV with the Tampa Bay radio announcers...just to get a take on what they have to say.

Dave Mishkin is the play by play - while former Boston Bruin great Phil Esposito is the analyst.

TWO POINTS - 1.) they were amazed that the KINGS got 3 quality NHL players (all in Tuesday's game) in the Jake Muzzin trade. "Great trade"

Secondly - PHIL ESPOSITO is like a grumbling old man who is never happy. "Awwww"...."UGH"...."What are they doing?" as his mic is always open - and you hear every noise that comes out of his pie hole, even while Dave is in the middle of the play by play.

Seriously - Thank Goodness for Jim & Daryl.... Espo is a homer - I appreciate our guys - Mishkin is pretty good - gets REALLY loud on a Tampa goal.
to tie into this, theyve been heaping praise on LA so far this game. Really like the Kings speed.
I watched the TV Tampa feed and the PBP is a homer. Brian Engblom used to be part of the Kings broadcast, so I'm familiar with his personality and for the most part is good. It just sounded like a broadcast team that knows the basic of a team that they only see twice a year. Talked about the old Kings players, the east coast ones (Arvidsson, Danault) and that's about it.
Listening to Esposito is like watching hockey with your drunk uncle.
So here's my idea: What if for five minutes of every game (maybe the beginning of period 2), the feed is switched and fans of each team listen to the opposing team's broadcast crew.
It would be a great way to survey all the broadcast teams and get a different slant on the game? Crazy?
This isn't really about the announcers, but the broadcast itself:

I work nights and tried to watch the replay last night at midnight after work and their little fast-forward, "time constraints", edits removed BOTH Kings goals. Like, really guys?

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