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Apr 19, 2001
Kempe (Sweden): meh
JAD (Canada): showed he's a solid 4th liner and has a long ways to go to be more
Vilardi (Canada): has lots to prove. He was their 2nd line center and played like a 4th liner. But the experience of playing in meaningful games should be good for him.
Walker (Canada): IMPRESSIVE. Showed he can be a top pairing Dman even if he can't score much. Probably tops out in the NHL as a 2nd pairing Dman, but his trade value went way up.
Maata (Finland): played like a top pairing Dman in IIHF but overall was unremarkable. He could be a top 4 Dman in the NHL but only on the right team.
Nousiainen (Finland): not very noticeable but he's only 20 so he's got time to grow. Pretty impressive that he even made the team.
Roy (U.S.): solid and exactly how he's been with the Kings. He'll be a very good 2nd pairing Dman for a long time and could play top pairing minutes.
Moore (U.S.): HOLY CRAP!! First line center on a team that won 7 games in a row? He wasn't so great in the semis but WOW he was impressive. He'll he a solid top 9 NHL guy for a looooong time.
Petersen (U.S.): played like a legit #1 goalie. The Kings look set with a #1.
Wolanin (U.S.): the surprise of the tournament to me. He didn't have great numbers but he played like he played like a #2 LD in the NHL. Or he could fizzle and be a nobody.
Seider (Germany): awesome! Oh yeah, he's not a King because Blake took Turcotte instead.
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I like Walker and think he can score.
Nousiainen wasn't on the ice for a goal against until the lst one the entire tournament.
Vilardi didn't have any chemistry with Comtois and whoever was with them. They never gave him back the puck in the middle where he could have distributed better.
The bigger ice doesn't help him much as he gets caught out there too long.

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